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Why Should You Take Up The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course?

Today, when talked about the best cloud service provider, AWS is the name that can be trusted upon. It is known to beat up many of the best competitors in the market such as Azure, Microsoft, and Google. Due to its immense demand in the market, also the demand for the AWS certification courses has also increased. A high number of people are approaching such a certification course because many of the big companies are looking forward to hiring such individuals in their team.

Learning From The Certification Course

Of course, today it has become quite important to take up various certification courses apart from the experience that you have in the field. When you take up the AWS certified cloud practitioner course, there are a number of things that you can learn such as:

  • Understanding the concepts of AWS cloud,
  • Learning the basic services of the AWS platform,
  • Knowing the basic architectural principles of AWS cloud,
  • Understanding the security aspects of the AWS platform,
  • Learning various options such as account management, and others,
  • Understanding of the important documentation.

In order to learn all such things, there is a proper curriculum that you need to go through. The curriculum is divided into various segments and these are Cloud computing fundamentals, AWS IAM fundamentals, AWS EC2, AWS VPC, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Cloudwatch, AWS Auto Scaling, AWS S3, Database services, and AWS best practices.

Under these major segments, the individuals can go through a number of sections such as AWS fundamentals, AWS account set up, security policies, EC2 types, EBS encryption, private cloud infrastructure, load balancing systems, services of cloudwatch, fault-tolerant building, S3 basics, storage gateways, and many others.

How To Get The Certification?

An individual who wishes to take up this certification course needs to fulfill some of the eligibility criteria and these are:

  • Knowledge of a minimum of one programming language,
  • Experience in IT industry.

Though any candidate having such eligibilities can take up the course, but it has been specially designed for some of the specific candidates. Some of the candidates who actually can get the benefit of the certification course are sales personnel, project managers, legal personnel, scrum masters, marketing analysts, and business analysts. Apart from this, candidates who wish to have knowledge in cloud computing can also approach to have such a certification course.

Reasons To Take Up This Certification Course

AWS certification courses are currently much high in demand among candidates. What is so special about the course that so many individuals today wish to take up the course? There are so many reasons today that one can come up with and a few of them are mentioned here.

A Set Standard

It has been mentioned at the beginning of this article that how AWS has become a high demanding cloud computing service provider today. Amazon is known to offer about 10 times bigger storage than its competitors available in the market.

Also, not only in terms of storage expertise, but Amazon is also quite helpful for many of the other professionals such as web developers, data analysts, and many others. This is because the Amazon platforms offer a number of different options and facilities that are highly beneficial for a number of individuals who are dealing in such areas.

This means if you are someone from such fields such as data analysts, web developer, system admin, database admin, IoT developer, AI developer, and so on, Amazon has so much to offer you. It can be beneficial for you in your field such as learning a number of new things that can be helpful for you in smooth and efficient operations, and so on. This increases your credibility in the work and so you are known to be one of the best employees in your company. Also, this offers you work satisfaction and more confidence so that you can take up projects and can stay motivated in completing them.

Much Within The Reach

The best thing about Amazon certification is that it does not require much of the eligibilities for the candidates who wish to approach the course. Also, it is not as expensive as compared to many other such certification courses. This does not mean that it is quite cheap but at least it is much lesser than any of the other certification courses that are similar to this one.

AWS, as of by the year 2017, offered three different tiers of certification and these are associate tier, professional tier, and specialty tier. For an individual just wish to start up with the certification, starting with the associate tier is the best thing. Again in the associate tier, the individual can start up with the Certified Solutions Architect Associate course. This can be followed by many other certifications such as certified Developer Associate, and Certified SysOps Administrator Associate.

The associate tier is followed by the professional tier and two of the certifications of this tier are Certified Solutions Architect Professional, and DevOps Professional. The last one of the specialty tier and this has three different certifications in different sections and these are security, advanced networking, and Big Data.

High In Demand And High-Paying

As per the list announced by Forbes for the most high-paying certification courses around the world, AWS was on the top. Even this year also AWS is known to be one of the most highly-paid certification courses across the world.

This is because a high number of companies are taking up the services of Amazon and hence they are in search of experts who can handle the AWS services with ease and in an efficient manner. This has made such companies prefer candidates who are highly experienced in such a service and also are certified with AWS. When the demand is so much high, of course, the pay for such employees is also quite high and hence this makes AWS certification to be one of the high-paying options.

So, these three amazing reasons offer you a perfect reason to take up the AWs certification course. The competition is quite high today and some of the biggest companies are looking forward to hiring candidates who have both experience and skills. Options such as the AWS certification offers you the right skills in Amazon services that are quite high in demand today. So, having such a certification added to your resume can benefit you in a huge way in not only enhancing your personal skills but also to fetch you in the list of the best companies and also getting a handsome salary package.

Is the certification alone capable of providing you with the right job and the right salary package? No, there are still many other things. Though at one side, it can be said that the AWS certification course is a strength that leads the candidates to crack through some of the best opportunities, on the other hand, there are also a number of other factors that surely affect the selection process. Some of such factors that should not be avoided are a geographical location, experience, other skills, and so many others.

The world is prospering quite fast and hence the companies and firms look for the best options such as that of the AWS services. But it is not always possible to have the right experts in order to tackle the working of the system. This leads to a number of complications and problems. In order to save time, today professional companies are avoiding selecting just experienced candidates. Having a professional certification such as that of the AWS has become one of the most important criteria of such companies. Hence, it becomes important to know your potentialities and also to get across such certifications so that you do not lose out some of the best opportunities that come up in your way.

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