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Why should you bet on video marketing

The advancement of technology has allowed us to be connected to the Internet at all times and anywhere. That is why downloading and viewing videos on our tablets or smartphone has become part of our daily life.

Today, big brands use videos to generate emotions and experiences, and these are achieved using the senses. Thus, they harness the power of video as an effective marketing strategy. Animation has become the most popular type of video marketing these days, which most companies use as animated commercials. Why invest in video marketing? Because through images and sound, we can provoke reactions in consumers. A good audiovisual piece allows you to capture the customer’s attention, showing the experience you can obtain if you purchase a product and/or service. If you can, you will save a lot of time and money.

Why should you do video marketing?

1. Raise traffic

You need to have interactions with the public, and this is achieved through multimedia. If the products you offer are available in an online store, it is even more important to achieve great impact to attract the most potential customers. Video has also proven to be very effective when incorporated as part of other strategies such as email marketing: an email with video content achieves up to 300% more clicks than one that only includes images or text.

2. Increase conversion

A consumer who watches a video is 144% more likely to make a purchase. It is key that you increase your popularity on social networks and other platforms to achieve greater coverage in different market segments. For example, videos have been proven to influence the decision to purchase products and services greatly. First of all, they are very effective in helping the consumer get to know the product and how it works. Such was the case with Uber that it presented its first promotional video before its launch so that the public knew and understood the operation of the service, which was totally new in its field. This got many to be looking forward to him and hiring him without a second thought.

3. Improve engagement

You don’t get anything out of growing if you can’t keep your customers captive and increase their brand loyalty. To achieve this, video marketing is an excellent alternative since it allows you to strengthen the bond through an audiovisual experience.

4. Make your products known

Some products are difficult to understand, especially when their design is very innovative. In this case, you must show the way of use and the benefits that the customer will obtain if they purchase it. A single minute of video conveys the same information as 1.8 million words, don’t forget.

5. Everyone loves video

Let’s start by understanding consumer behavior, which is at the core of any video marketing strategy. The average user spends 88% more time on sites that contain videos, so they are the ideal tool to improve a website’s performance and position the brand. Video consumption has grown to such an extent that we watch more than a billion hours of YouTube videos every day.

If consumers prefer video, it is, in part, because it processes much faster than written content. As an audience, we retain up to 95% of information from a video compared to the 10% we would normally retain after reading a text. It is also very versatile and can convey emotions very effectively.

6. A format available to everyone

The spread of the large amount of video content that exists today has been possible because the tools to carry it out have been simplified and are within our reach. That is why anyone with interest and minimal investment can acquire the right knowledge and skills to produce quality videos in a short time. This has been an advantage for small companies and startups since they manage to reach the public almost as effectively as any larger company.

The future trends of video marketing

Until recently, only large companies could afford a television commercial. Today, thanks to technological development and the Internet, anyone can develop audiovisual content and broadcast it through multiple channels. To get the most out of video marketing, it is necessary to keep up to date on market trends and the future of video marketing.

1. Live streaming

Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and other social networks enabled this functionality, obtaining very good results. In fact, there are now specialized platforms for live streaming, allowing brands to advertise, broadcast events or troubleshoot in real-time intelligently.

2. How-To Videos

They are nothing new. But people do not stop searching the Internet for information on how to do a certain thing. Tutorial videos in audiovisual format will continue to set the standard. Adding voice overs to your how-to videos or tutorial videos using the TTS voice tool makes your video more engaging.

3. Virtual reality

Virtual reality has become popular and promises to be the future of video marketing. In fact, it is expected that there will be millions of active VR users.

4. 360° Video

They are ideal for presenting company facilities, providing tourist information, making product overviews and for anything you can imagine. In addition, the price of the hardware to produce them has dropped considerably, which is why their use is going to spread drastically.

5. Film production techniques

Access to them has expanded a bit, and every day, more brands use them to deliver added value and make a difference in the competition.

6. Interactive video

It can be said that it has been on the scene for several years, but it was not very popular. So far, it is gaining strength, thanks to the change in consumer habits and the possibilities offered by programming languages such as HTML5. It could become the future of video marketing.

To sum up

Video is the favorite format of an intergenerational audience comprised of Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z, and Boomlets. That is why it has become a fundamental piece of digital marketing. Video content will account for most of all Internet traffic. Consequently, all businesses should use this powerful digital marketing tool.