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Why purchase sparklers from BuySparklers.com?


The two questions I get asked daily are “Why Should I Purchase Sparklers from BuySparklers.com?”  and “What makes your sparklers different from cheaper websites?”

I constantly get asked to explain the difference between our sparklers and our competitor’s sparklers. So many wedding photographers, event venues and wedding planners only recommend BuySparklers.com for a reason! The answer is very simple… You get what you pay for!

The reasons you should choose BuySparklers.com for your wedding are:

  • We hand select our sparklers and they are specifically made for weddings. They are the highest quality sparkler in the US.
  • Our sparklers are double-dipped for added brightness and length of burn time.
  • Our burn times are accurate and burn the amount of time we state. A lot of other companies claim their #36 Inch Sparklers burn for 4 minutes, but in reality, it is about 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Our #20 Inch Wedding Sparklers burn for 2 minutes, not the 1.5 minutes like other cheaper sparklers.
  • The metal rod reduces smoke when burning. There is no such thing as a smokeless sparkler, but ours are as close as you can get to smokeless.
  • Our metal rod is also thicker to prevent drooping during the sparkler tunnel. A bending sparkler rod can also be dangerous if guests are too close to each other and the rod can bend and be a hazard to everyone around them.
  • Our staff opens each box and inspects the sparklers to ensure they are in perfect condition before they leave our warehouse.
  • We tape the top and bottom of each sparkler sleeve so they will not bang against each other during shipping. Nobody wants to receive broken, damaged sparklers!
  • They are then carefully packed with lots of packing peanuts to cushion the bumps and blows during the shipping process.

Our quality is truly the best in the USA. Why risk a sparkler that will not light, will not perform, be very smoky, and droopy? We do not cater to the “one and done” orders with an inferior product that they will not need for another wedding. BuySparklers.com wants EVERY bride to have the highest quality sparkler so their photos are magical. This is why so many wedding professionals recommend BuySparklers.com to their brides – they know we stand by our promise!

If you are looking for a sparkler that will perform incredibly at your wedding, then our sparklers are for you! We offer the highest quality sparkler you can find. Don’t chance a faulty sparkler on one of the biggest days of your life!