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Why organic traffic isn’t as effective as you may think

Organic traffic is ideal for any business as it helps to improve Google search results, however, it can be a time-consuming process to boost rankings and fix issues such as website design and overall site speed. With several different variables affecting site traffic, many believe it should not be used solely to boost the visibility of your brand as a combination of PPC and SEO can provide both short- and long-term results. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into why organic traffic isn’t as effective as you may often think

It Is A Time-Consuming Process

One of the main reasons several companies don’t rely solely on organic traffic is because it can take time to accumulate. Any changes that you make in terms of SEO will take time to be picked up and for that to affect your Google rankings. As a result, SEO requires a huge amount of planning and trial and error to ensure your website is fully optimised. Though this does provide long term results in terms of stability in Google rankings, the optimisation process can take time.

SEO Is A Costly Process

In addition to being time-consuming, the process of implementing an SEO can be costly. Whether this is redesigning the website for optimisation or it is creating costing for guest posting, this can be costly if not planned correctly as damage could be done to the website. As a result, it is best to rely on someone with experience when conducting the work in the house as this will present other issues from arising as a result of inexperience.

PPC Is Allows For Targeted Ads

When speaking to people about organic traffic, you will find that several businesses will implement both a PPC and an SEO strategy at the same time to boost visibility and market the business to specific audiences. By enlisting the help of a PPC advertising agency, you are then able to target ads and specific keywords to boost the reach of your website whilst optimising for SEO. This is a great way to build up a site whilst ensuring it is optimised to the best of its ability and still gaining clicks through the tailored PPC advertisements.

SEO Results Can Fluctuate

By implementing a PPC ad, your advertisement will automatically appear on the top of Google search results. However, with SEO your position one ranking can change overnight as a result of several variables. As a result, SEO is an ongoing challenge for several businesses as strategies can be changed based on Google algorithm updates. In addition, keywords will also need to be optimised to ensure you are reaching the top of Google search results for keywords in search that are relevant to your company. The research for this will need to be conducted every month and rankings monitored weekly to make sure it is working as it should be.

Whether you are just building a website for a start-up or you are looking to fully optimise your website that you have had running for a few years now, the implementation of both PPC and SEO campaigns can help to provide the short term and long term results that you want.

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