Lots of businesses realize how invaluable social media is to its marketing efforts. Platforms such as Facebook have made it possible for millions of online users to connect with friends and relatives, follow the lifestyles of their favorite celebrities, and access to informative content or complete transactions from their favorite brands. This essentially provides an opportunity for businesses to build brand awareness, generate leads, expand their reach, cultivate lasting customer relationships, and boost sales.

Businesses that actively use Facebook as a platform to engage their target audience, however, have found it challenging to keep up with the constant changes in price and policy. The cost of advertising continues to increase, yet the click rates remain minimal. Not to mention, Facebook is also cracking down on fraud, spam, and consumer privacy making it more difficult for brands to authentically reach their target audiences.

As such, businesses large and small have started implementing chatbots into their messenger marketing strategy. Continue reading for a closer look at how chatbots help to enhance messenger marketing.

Authentic Consumer Reach

Facebook implemented an algorithm update that dramatically reduced post reach percentages. Meaning, content uploaded to company pages has a 1-2% chance of being seen by their followers.

Messenger marketing, however, increases these odds for businesses by more than 50%. Essentially, content that is sent through messenger platforms is read (and clicked on) more often than content seen in a newsfeed.

Higher Open Rates

Email marketing has long been the preferred method used when sending out notification to a large audience. Mass emails can reach all of your subscribers in a matter of seconds. Be that as it may, emails aren’t opened as frequently as you might think (approximately 17%).

Chatbot messages, however, are more conversational and convenient. These messages are received on a familiar platform that can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Such factors make it more likely that the message will be viewed (almost 80% more likely).

Personalized Experiences

The average consumer gravitates towards brands that focus on personalization. Brands that know how to single out individuals and cater to their unique needs are the most successful. The advanced technologies used to design chatbots make personalization easier to master.

By using artificial intelligence and consumer data, chatbots can customize content, advertisements, and products to a particular customer (or group) to increase interaction, leads, and responses.

Increased Response

Whether your goal is to get customers to visit your site, sign-up for your mailing list, download an application, or simply read content from your blog, getting them to take action involves a lot more than scheduling a post at the right time or using eye-catching terminology. The artificial intelligence used to design messenger chatbots has proven to significantly increase consumer response.

Chatbots work to create a customized human-like interaction with messenger users. This comfortable environment, therefore, increases the chances of individuals taking the suggested actions. Businesses have been able to generate leads, boost email lists, increase sales, improve visibility, and make sales more efficiently with the implementation of messenger marketing.

Beat the Competition

As stated previously, lots of businesses are aware of the benefits of utilizing social media in their marketing campaigns. Essentially, this means the competition is stiff. There are thousands if not millions of brands on these platforms trying to attract the attention of their target audience. Standing out is, therefore, essential to success.

As beneficial as messenger marketing can be for large and small businesses, only a small percentage of brands utilize this platform. This means that there are fewer brands within your industry to compete with for the consumer’s attention. By adopting this strategy early on, you can begin cultivating long-lasting positive relationships with your target audience that keeps you ahead of the competition.

Each day, millions of users log on to social media platforms such as Facebook to communicate, connect, learn, share, get entertainment, and shop. As more brands become aware of this, social media has become saturated with companies looking to market their products and services to target audiences. For those that wish to stay ahead of the curve and stand out from the rest, adopting chatbot messenger marketing in its early stages is a wise investment.