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Why It Is Hard To Incorporate Common Sense In Computers

Take a scenario where you plan to host your friends for brunch and decide to order bacon, sausages, and burgers. However, you remember that Cody had mentioned to you that Jessie doesn’t eat pork. So, you then decide to call Jessie to ask what he prefers, but his phone is off. Right at the moment, you opt to settle for a vegetable burger and salad for him. Common sense! Huh?

Well, we hardly think about how important common sense is until we get to see how hard AI experts have tried incorporating this ability in computer software with no success.

Quick- Definition of Common Sense

Depending on various scenarios in life, common sense can take up several definitions. An English theologian and philosopher known as Chesterton defined common sense in the 20th century as a phenomenon beyond rules, which is savage and wild. However, modern scholars have settled on a universal definition that says that common sense is a human ability to navigate a life that occurs naturally.

Common sense does not only entail social abilities. It also involves naive physics. For instance, no physics computation is required to understand that a heavy rock can break a glass table. This phenomenon is broad, covering other abstract notions like space and time. You require common sense to estimate and plan, even though you don’t have to be accurate.

Common Sense is Hard To Compute

Intriguingly, AI research and technology have existed since the 1950s, yet it isn’t easy to inculcate common sense in machine operations. Today, the AI frontier has made huge advances, especially in computer vision and game-play. In regards to gaming, it is now possible to create mobile games by analyzing the players’ behavior thanks to AI. Depending on your browser history, AI can help suggest recommendations without you typing on search engines.

For instance, if you’ve frequently visited online casinos and are located in a particular region, let’s say the Middle East, this will be considered in your search suggestion. Thus, you are likely to receive suggestions of mobile casino sites and other related guides such as features that make a good gambling site, installing a casino app on your mobile, and recommended casino games. While this is the case, it is not always common sense to mean that when you search for something more than twice, it should be what you are looking for every time.

Advanced AI in the current world is designed for very specific problems with a clear structure. Unfortunately, common sense does not have a clear set of rules. Some events are simply vague, and they can only be recorded as errors in modern AI models.

There is a ray of hope after the development of transformers. In the context of AI, a transformer is one of the major advances in deep learning. It is a tool that can model natural language and adjust it so that it answers common sense questions. This is the first step towards the creation of chatbots that can converse like humans. Researchers have made great advances in the last few years, trying to link transformers to the reasoning of common sense.

Recognizing AI Common Sense

A machine may be programmed to assess common sense in particular events, but humans navigate life in various ways. Humans have varied abilities, including negotiation, social skills, problem-solving, and planning, among others. All this is to say that common sense researchers have a long way to go in developing AI that can manipulate these skills.

The successes of transformers are unfortunately fading. The painful reality is that they are presenting diminishing results. These devices continue to consume a lot of power as they grow in numbers and size. A Chinese firm called Baidu recently created a huge transformer that features billions of parameters. Despite the heavy properties, it has failed to grasp the nuances that define human common sense. More research is being conducted, and it is unclear whether it will take the next 5 or 50 years to have the correct AI technology that can simulate human’s common sense.

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