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Why is TikTok so popular?

Each year some or other social media platforms become very much a popular sector for the last few years. In the year 2019, the app that has been very much popular is TikTok from China. The app is having near to 453 million bases, with over 250 million bases in 154 countries other than China. However, in India alone at the end of 2019, the base alone went up to 440 million.

But the question that remains here among almost all the non-users of the application is – what is there special in the application that makes it so much popular. Coming to the answer of the same, there is something which has to be stated initially – the app is having most of the users under the age of 34. Near to 50% of the users of the app are of the age group 18-20 and only 25% of the users of the app are of the age, more than 35. Hence it is clear that the application is most popular among youngsters. Now it is time to get through the things that make the app so much popular, especially among the young fellows. You can visit mytiktokfollowers.com for having more details about the same too.

Tiktok is full of fun

As you enter the app, you will find different amateur videos at the start. The apps are meant to give you ample fun, and most of them are related to the regular life of the youngsters. They can be based on the school life of them, the fun among the college-goers, and some silly things that will make you laugh aloud.

It is a fact that most of the adults who are of the age of more than 35 never find anything of fun in the application of videos. But, the app means a lot to the young college goers and the reason behind the same is the uploading facility of the videos that are full of fun in their life.

Great platform for professionals

It is not that the platform is only meant for amateurs, but the professional video makers also get through the app and make a huge fan base of them. In fact, this is the specialty of the TikTok. Since young mass is there in TikTok in mass scale, the professional video makers reach there in the application and easily grab the attention of the youngsters. Since the place is not the area where the experts and the mature people make a crowd, it becomes easier for the professionals to make an impact over the young minds and get better views of their classic videos.

Option of monetization

Different rumours are related to making earning from TikTok but do not go by those fake words. There is no such direct monetizing option in the application, but there is one thing that makes the application very much special for the YouTubers. Anyone there can freely share their YouTube accounts and thus millions of views over your YouTube videos can be grabbed from the application.

For this reason, even the professionals who are above the age group, who uses TikTok are also inclined now to the application. This is because of the reason that they can easily include all the details of their Instagram or YouTube videos in the link boxes and by doing this they are bringing huge traffic to their professional YouTube pages. This indirectly helps them in their monetization and also to make their million views on their YouTube channels.

A perfect destination for your ads

If you are thinking to get the attention of the youngsters, the crowd is there entirely in TikTok. Hence, the ad companies and even the local ad-makers reach the TikTok team for the same purpose. Like that of YouTube, where the videos can be at the start of other videos and at the end of the other videos too, for 10-15 seconds and that will earn perfect revenue too. Since the user base here is of young mass, the new ads get a big boom too and that helps the ad agencies to earn a lot from the app.

You can get more details of the application from mytiktokfollowers.com and as you visit the site, you will be able to find every single detail about TikTok, which you might know, but most of the time won’t know.

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