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Why is Technology Stressing Me Out – BetterHelp Can Help You Chill Out

Technology is something that is ever-changing. It is needed, useful, and sometimes stressful. While children today learn how to use computers and tablets in kindergarten is some school districts, other people are 80 years old trying to figure out how to FaceTime their 5-year-old granddaughter. For a grandparent, technology is stressful; they do not entirely understand it, nor do they feel they need it for survival. They made it all their life without using fancy technological resources, and it will never be a dominant part of their life. What about those in-between five and 80? Do they need technology? Most likely, yes. Is it stressful? Usually.

Who Needs Technology?

Technology has always existed in varying capacities. The pyramids were built thousands of years ago with technology, just not the resources we have today. However, they were able to build something so astonishing that to recreate them would take a team of experts, and we still would not have a design half as impressive as what the Egyptians and Myans created.

Steven Jobs created Apple. He designed and developed computers and programs that others could only dream about; he was ahead of his time and took part in a technological boom that changed the world as we knew it.

What do these two examples of technology have in common? There was a want, a need, a will, and a way. The man landed on the moon because the United States and several other countries were in a space race. Even today Elan Musk is determined to make his way to Mars, dumping billions of dollars into space travel and exploration. But he cannot do it without technology.

Elementary school teachers choose to inspire and educate their students with the use of technology with the hopes that the pupils they are teaching will have the best opportunities possible at living their best life possible.

While those who are nearing the end of their lives do not need to learn how to use technology, young children do in order to have the opportunity to excel in any facet of life they choose to pursue.

I Get Stressed Out at Work Over My Lack of Technology Skills: What Can I Do?

There are always classes you can take to understand technology better. In addition, you can ask your employer if they can provide classes to those who do not have a technology background and teach those who could use the assistance.

If you are really getting frustrated at your lack of understanding when it comes to computers, you can enlist the help of a counselor. While a counselor cannot necessarily teach you how to use your work computers, they can help you to figure out what is blocking you from learning more about the tools at your fingertips.

Some questions that may be asked include:

  • Were you not given the opportunity to use computers at a young age?
  • Is money an issue?
  • Do you have a learning disorder that makes you nervous about learning new things?

There is always a reason for everything, and a counselor can help you break through those barriers.

If you are unsure where to start, check out BetterHelp. They can set you up with a counselor for your specific needs. You can look at LinkedIn for more information or download their app at https://apps.apple.com/us/app/betterhelp-online-counseling/id995252384.

What Can Learning More About Technology Help You to Achieve?

The opportunities are endless. You could get promoted to a new job at work where you need a more technological background. You can also help your kids with school projects or assignments that you would not have had the ability to do before you increased your technology education.

If you are younger, in high school or college, you are probably using technology every day, but do you understand how it all really works? Understanding Cyber Security and Information Technology is a multi-trillion dollar industry that most do not understand. Every day there are new jobs in IT opening up to solve problems that have not been discovered yet.

In high schools, there are competitions on code-breaking to see if there are capabilities to hack the latest coding technology that the National Securities Administration has in place or plans to implement. Winners can earn substantial scholarships to be used at the college of your choice to advance your education in computers and information technology.

Technology does not have to be stressful. Yes, there are areas that you may not understand, and it can make your life easier if you had more background on the subject. However, there are people needed in every walk of life. While computers and technology have been immersed in nearly all trades and workplaces, even those who do not know how to turn a computer on can get a decent job. If you want a great job, however, take a computer class and learn as much as you can to get ahead of the competition.

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