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Why Is Influencer Marketing So Effective?

You have seen it many times on Instagram and YouTube. Lifestyle and social media celebrities promote a brand by constantly weaving it into their video content, sharing images of themselves using these products, or writing about the same on captions.

An influencer is someone with the ability to change consumer behavior through word of mouth. The majority are characterized by a huge following on social media and specialization in one niche.

Influencer marketing has been with us for a long time, but it’s only recently that it gained traction due to social media growth. Currently, 48% of brands state that revenue from influencer marketing is better than other marketing avenues. 

Why has influencer marketing risen this fast, and should you consider it for your business as well? This article will explain a few marketing tactics that influencer marketing employs and how to know if it is right for your brand. 

How Influencer Marketing Works

Expertise and Authority

When consumers perceive someone as an expert in a particular industry, they are likely to trust information coming from them. This is exactly how influencer marketing works, a concept known as informational social influence

Because of their popularity, a huge following, and specializing in a particular niche, consumers view influencers as superior and thus, likely to possess accurate information.


Priming is an advertising technique that also works for social media influencers. It states that when a potential consumer takes an initial step on a sales funnel, it becomes easier to convince them to take the next steps until the desired action is achieved. 

When an influencer curates their content in a way that resonates with their target audience, a few of them will follow back for reasons like trust. From here, asking the follower to like or comment on a post becomes even easier. This continues until the influencer has achieved their content goals.  

Consistent Exposure

In content marketing, consistency plays a major role in bringing the desired results. Social media influencers know and have tapped into this little piece of knowledge. 

The more times you spend watching and reading content from your favorite influencer, the more likely you are to be swayed by their information. Eventually, you begin to adopt their values and beliefs into your system, making it easier to purchase from their brands. A study showed that envy and comparison from female consumers increased with the length of exposure to social media influencers.

Creating a Personal Connection

Another tactic that influencers use is creating a personal and authentic connection with followers. Most influencers weave-in sponsored content into their everyday activities, giving a glimpse of their personal lives to consumers. They also use language that directly addresses their followers, assuming an authentic connection.

This way, influencers mirror physical friends, making it easy for consumers to purchase from their brands without even looking for cheaper alternatives. This connection also increases the followers’ desire to help the influencer through purchasing a promoted product; consumers feel as if they are helping their favorite influencer as opposed to the brand.  

Should I try Influencer Marketing for My Business?

With such effective results, most small businesses wonder whether it is time to invest in influencer marketing yet. The simple answer: it depends. 

Just because it worked wonders for your competitor does not mean that it will provide the same results for your business. You have to consider things like current marketing goals, budget, target audience, and your industry niche. 

A personal injury law firm, for example, might get more results from influencer marketing if they have a portfolio of clients to vouch for their work, while a personal care product company will benefit from this even while entering the market.

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