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Why Graphic Designers are Opting for Drawing Tablets

Considering how tedious it is to draw with a pen and paper, most artists are opting for drawing tablets. What’s more, a drawing tablet enhances the career of modern graphic designers, it makes work faster. The tablet is easy to use for beginners, especially with consistent practice.

Let’s assume you have not used a drawing tablet before, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of drawing tablets to graphic designers.

Benefits Drawing Tablets Offer Graphic Designers

There are numerous benefits graphic designers derive from using the drawing tablet. The tool provides more natural flow while drawing and retouching than when a touchpad or mouse is being used.

This also means working time will be effectively utilized.

Graphic designers do different types of work. Your specialty or quality of work will determine the type of drawing tablet that will serve you most.

Below are other reasons why graphic designers now use a drawing tablet.

Specialized apps for artists

There were several commercials on Apple’s App Store during the early days of the iPhone. The commercial says ‘there’s an app for that’ – meaning there’s an app for everything. Today there are apps for almost anything you can think of. Artists and graphic designers now have all the tools they need in a box. A drawing tablet offers to them.

Pressure discovery

The pen which is used for drawing often has pressure detection technology. This may vary from tablet to tablet. For the pencil, it means that the more the pressure, the darker the lines. For lighter pressure, the lines become lighter.

Multiple custom settings

A drawing tablet has several custom settings. Simply clock on the Option and set up your programs. If your tablet has a light soft touch, using a reversal setting will improve your workflow.

Improves efficiency and productivity

This is the key reason why many graphics designers opt for drawing tablets. It increases productivity. Whether you work with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop apps, your productivity is guaranteed.

Natural drawing motion

You will achieve smoother curves with the natural motion in drawing tablets. Also, creating small and complicated shapes becomes easier than when you use a mouse.

If you don’t have much knowledge about some complex interfaces used by some software to make intuitive drawing easier.

With this tablet, you may recreate personal art more than with a mouse or a touchpad.

Very sensitive

Unlike the regular click on or off, a drawing tablet can calculate the least level of force that’s giving useful control. That’s not all, the tablet mat offers inputs regarding roll and pitch, especially for nice brush control.

Also, you may adjust controls to fit into your work”

Real-time examples

Adobe’s Photoshop 7 offers real-world quality digital arts. Several paint engines also make the drawing tablet appealing to graphic designers.

Sure, you will have excellent experience with this tablet with hands-on work from Photoshop. When it comes to painting and touching up or making different design choices, it’s incomparable.

Average Cost of a Drawing Tablet

There are several drawing tablets available in the market today. No doubt drawing tablets has opened more horizons in the paths of artists. This great tablet is quite affordable, giving you nice quality digital arts. At first, you may find it a bit challenging to work with. It’s only a matter of practice, you will get used to it.

The price of this art tablet varies. It ranges from $30 to $2,500. What you need for your work will determine the quality of the drawing tablet you need, which will also affect the price.

On average, the price of a decent drawing tablet is up to $75 (with no screen). On the other hand, the average price of a high-powered and screened tablet is $850.

As a newbie to graphic designing, you may buy a drawing tablet for less than $100. You can work your way up as you progress in your career. However, a bigger and more advanced drawing tablet may cost between $350 to $550.

You can get a good iPad stylus (Apple Pencil First Generation) for around $95 on Amazon.

What Projects can Graphic Designers Handle with Drawing Tablets?

The drawing tablet can perform almost all graphics work. The main reason it was created was to replace your brushes, drawing tablet, and pencil. The tablet has simplified how digital artists work. With this tablet, you can do several projects. You may create, save, and modify any digital arts with it. You may also transfer every work you did on your analog workshop into digital space.

Any projects that involve high-quality effects regarding digital arts will be perfectly handled. It offers a huge selection of digital environments that enhances creative projects.

One reason the drawing tablet is appealing to designers is mainly that it increases efficiency and productivity. It works perfectly with applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign.

How Quickly can a Graphic Designer adapt to Using Drawing Tablets?

Using a drawing tablet needs some effort. First, spend some time understanding the basics. Then, practice constantly. Like using the traditional drawing paper and pen, digital tablets require practice.

It may take some graphic designers one year to fully adapt to using a drawing tablet for their projects. For some, it could be less than a year. Others can learn and master it within a month.

The only challenge you may first have while learning how to draw on a drawing tablet is adapting to the responsiveness. It is a little bit tricky compared to traditional drawing. Yes, a tablet typically has a smooth and slick surface for drawing. This in turn creates lesser accurate lines. However, this can be corrected with various features on the drawing tablet.


Drawing tablets makes work easier and faster for graphic designers. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will always find this tablet useful for most of your projects. It is affordable. With constant practice, you will get a hand with this amazing digital art tool. Finally, you opt for a Repaper drawing tablet.

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