Why do some punters use a tablet instead of a smartphone?

Betting on sports and playing online casino games is something that people do all the time. Some of them still prefer to use their PCs, but the vast majority of online bettors will utilize a tablet or smartphone.

Both of these devices are fantastic because they allow people to bet on the go. This might not seem like such a big deal when you first hear about it, but once you start thinking of all of the things you can during the time you are betting, you will quickly realize why there are mobile bettors now than ever before.

While it’s true that there are definitely more smartphone users than people who own a tablet, things like the iPad and Galaxy Tab have become really popular lately. Thus, many people use them to bet on sports and play casino games all the time. Even though the tablet is not necessarily better than the smartphone, there are a few advantages that we have to point out.

The bigger screen

Let’s face it, one of the worst things about using a smartphone is the smaller screen size. Even though these devices have changed a lot since they were first introduced, the screen still remains small compared to the other devices we’re using in our daily life.

Of course, there are always exceptions (there are smartphones that have screens that are pretty big), but in most cases, your device won’t have a larger screen than your tablet. As a result, everything that you do on that device (including betting) is just not that comfortable. It’s always better to use something with a larger screen while you’re betting because you will have a more pleasant experience.

Tablets can be more powerful

In the last couple of years, smartphones and tablets have more powerful processors than most of the PCs out there. As a result, pretty much every modern device can run a given mobile app. If you have a smartphone or a tablet that was released in the last couple of years, you can easily download bet365 for Android or iOS and enjoy one of the most famous gambling operators on your device.

Although smartphones are powerful, most of the flagman tablets usually have better specifications. One of the main reasons for that is their size, which allows manufacturers to add more components, such as a bigger processor (although this doesn’t always mean it is faster), more RAM, a GPU, etc.

Some devices have faster internet speeds

The 5G network is still in its early days, but it already has a drastic impact on some people’s lives. Once it becomes widely available, we will have access to it using our tablets and smartphones.

However, some tablets tend to have faster internet speeds compared to smartphones. This is not always the case and really depends on what kind of devices you’re comparing. Naturally, if you put up the newest smartphone against a $200 tablet, the results will probably favor the smartphone.

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