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Why Browser Games now use HTML5

Game development has become very complex over the last few years. This goes even for small teams and indie game development companies. The technology to create these impressive game worlds has become accessible to many newcomers in the industry, allowing them to learn these tools and get straight to developing the game. Game engines play a big role in development. Some time ago, complex game engines needed to be developed from scratch for each game that was developed.

While this is still the case today, many developers choose an already existing game engine to develop their game. Two popular engines used by many today are Unreal and Unity, both of them being capable of creating complex game mechanics and environments. Over time, these game engines have been adapted to mobile devices and many games developed either for PC or consoles have been able to be ported on iOS and Android devices.

Browser games have come a long way since their inception, with many of the first games being a recreation of classic games such as Pac-Man and Frogger. As users started to gain access to higher-speed internet, these games have evolved and become more complex. With the appearance of HTML5, Flash started to lose popularity and be replaced by this new tool.

HTML is Completely Replacing Flash

Since more complex writing languages were developed for the web, a lot of browser games have been created that can be played by the growing number of mobile users. One of the popular ones is HTML5, and it is a language used by the majority of websites today and alongside Java, it is the language of choice that allows cross-platform compatibility, from mobile phones to tablets. This has greatly reduced the amount of time it takes developers to create a game, such as creating a different version of the game for each device. Running it requires a browser which nowadays can be run by every existing platform.

Developing using HTML 5 results in a fluid and responsive design and can automatically detect the device you are using so that it can adapt to the aspect ratio of the device. Steve Jobs once refused using Adobe Flash on iOS devices, suggesting that HTML5 can do everything that flash can do.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and it is the language that the majority of websites use in combination with CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, a language that handles the page presentation and lastly, Java which makes everything happen on a webpage. Adobe Flash is still being used by many websites, but over time this will be replaced entirely by HTML5.

HTML5 Became a Growing Trend as Technology Evolved

Developers working on online casino games knew that the number of people that will play from their smartphones is going to grow and have looked at HTML5 as the right option for game development as it greatly improves upon its previous iteration by retaining its best features while adding new tags, page layout features and also geolocation and data storing. Famous games such as Lucky Lady’s Charm, Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot are all slot games that have been converted from Flash to HTML5. This was necessary because some new devices do not natively support Flash and require a browser plug-in so that the games can work properly.

Speed, compatibility and better security are the main important aspects of HTML5. They are the reasons why Flash is being replaced. Both of them can play audio and video on a webpage. Back when it started to make headlines, some online casino brands have already taken notice of this new scripting language and decided to use it and convert some of their existing games from Java to HTML5. In 2016 it was estimated that about 50% of mobile applications used HTML5 and with later app developments, this number steadily increased. When game developers first started using HTML5, it was to develop for iOS and this included iPhone and iPad users. which no longer supported Flash. 31 December 2020 has been announced as the official end-of-life cycle for Flash.

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