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Why A Phone Tracking App Is A Must on Every Kid’s Phone

Smartphones provide you and your children a means to stay in touch more conveniently no matter where you are. However, smartphones in the hands of kids may be a cause for concern— especially if the devices end up being used for all the wrong reasons and put them in danger. It certainly makes sense to discuss smartphone usage with your kids & consider installing a phone tracker app with their consent.

A phone tracking app will give you and your kids peace of mind that wherever they may be, you have a way to monitor suspicious activities that may occur. Here are seven benefits of using a phone tracking app:

Track where they are and have been

You can’t always be with your child, but the phone tracking app can tell you where they are and where they have been. By tracking their movement, you can determine if they are breaking the rules and keeping them safe. If you spot them going to an unknown place, you could fetch them yourself before calling the authorities for help.

Identify people in their inner circle

It’s easy for kids to end up hanging with the wrong crowd. A phone tracker app can help you identify who your children are frequently interacting with through their conversations, call history, and text logs. That could be a great way to ensure that they have friends who are a good influence on them.

Track your child’s call history

Have you been wondering who your child is talking to lately? Are they secretive and cautious around you? A phone tracker app can help you find answers. It has a call tracking feature that lets you look into their call history so you can determine if something is amiss. The app enables you to see who is calling your kids and lets you analyze your child’s call habits so that you can interfere with something suspicious. You can then use the app to limit their interaction with the people who might be a bad influence on them.

Track their usage of dangerous apps

Social networking apps could be dangerous for kids, especially as these could entice your children to make friends with strangers. They could put your kids at risk of being catfished, scammed, or falling prey to predators.

A phone tracker app has tools that allow you to monitor the apps they use on their smartphones. It may also give insights into the kinds of apps they are using daily so you can determine if they are malicious and capable of causing further problems, like leaking your children’s personal data or increasing phone bills.

Protect your kids with geofencing

Geofencing lets you define places that you think are unsafe for your kids like casinos, gaming spots, bars, and instantly know if they wander down the shady areas.

By marking dangerous regions on the map, the parental app ensures that your kid stays away from unsafe places, and you get instantly notified if they do.

Framing the boundaries around a school, home, and playgrounds through geofencing help parents know their children’s live location and can be reassured when their child reaches the school. Setting up geofencing for your teen who has just started driving is also a smart move to ensure whether your kid at the wheel is driving safely.

Get safety alerts

Safety features of phone trackers can alert you when your child falls, is inactive for a long period of time, is exposed to dangerous levels of noise, and is in a situation where the phone is shaking violently.

Peace of mind without being paranoid

Having the app on your child’s phone means you no longer need to call your child four times a day. This helps your child feel independent, and at the same time, you can rest assured that even if the phone is not answered, you know where your child is.

Often the knowledge that they are being tracked ensures that your child does not break the rules or get involved in unsafe situations.

Look no further than Easy Logger for a dependable and secure phone tracker app that can help you achieve that. It’s a 24/7 Android safety and phone tracker application that allows remote access to full-text messages, call logs, app usage, geofence entry or exit, and live location. It can also give alerts on network change, inactivity, and falls.

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