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Which Video Editing Software do you really need?

Video is changing the way people communicate and express themselves. The right video editing software allows you to create professional-looking videos for sharing on social medial or video-sharing platforms. With this in mind, here is an overview of five of the best video editing software Shopify:

1. VideoPad

Developed by NCH Software, VideoPad is a well-equipped and solid video editing app designed for business and home usage. It’s complemented by VirtualDub plug-ins that run with the software. People often use this software when they want to upload and publish attention-grabbing and high-quality video videos online. VideoPad allows you to directly upload videos to Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. It also supports the most commonly used file formats such as DivX, 3GP, WMV and AVI. Additionally, you can export and watch your videos on your television.

2. Lightworks

Equipped with powerful tools and unique functionalities, Lightworks is a professional NLE (non-linear editing system) designed for editing and mastering video in a range of formats, including 4K and 2K resolutions as well as television in NTSC, PAL and high-definition formats. Lightworks is often used for creating videos for YouTube, Vimeo and 4K film projects. The drag-and-drop method makes it incredibly easy to edit clips or shots.

3. OpenShot

Launched in August 2008 to provide a stable and user-friendly video editor, OpenShot is a FOSS video editor designed for Windows, macOS, Haiku, Linux and FreeBSD. The core video editing functionality of OpenShot is executed in a C++ library called libopenshot. It offers digital video effects such as greyscale, hue, gamma and brightness. It’s suitable for beginners or small business.

4. iMovie

Developed by Apple Inc for iOS and macOS devices, iMovie allows you to create a complete storytelling film, with studio logos and credit rolls using videos and photos. You can use the software to make videos that commemorate memories, sceneries and moments. You can then share these videos with your friends, family or clients. iMovie features a user-friendly interface, meaning that you don’t have to be tech-savvy or a professional video editor to make movies or cinema-like trailers. It supports 4K resolutions, and you can play the finished product from your apple device and project it to another screen. You can also share it to video-sharing platforms or social media sites.

5. Magisto

Designed to simplify the process of making videos, Magisto comes with a web application and a mobile application for fast, automated video editing and production. It’s suitable for businesses and consumers. Magisto allows you to make fun and entertaining videos. It offers the easiest way to transform your pictures and videos into professionally crafted movies.

Magisto provides a bewildering array of features, including unique business styles, premium editing styles, commercially licensed music and unlimited HD movie downloads. Its availability on mobile platforms and the web provide you with seamless editing experience. With this application, you can showcase your family photos, your amazing trip and new product anywhere and anytime.

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