Where to Buy NEO cryptocurrency 2022 Beginners Guide Where to Buy NEO cryptocurrency 2022 Beginners Guide

Where to Buy NEO cryptocurrency 2022 Beginner’s Guide

The market of digital assets has dropped in 2022 due to the looming world crisis, increasing inflation, and FED’s decision to increase rates. That was the beginning of the so-called crypto winter. In November 2022, another huge drop occurred when the well-known FTX exchange revealed its financial troubles, and investors started withdrawing funds from it massively.

Regardless of all the pessimistic news and moods in the crypto community, we should never forget that the market of digital assets is highly volatile, and it always lives through up and downward periods replacing one another. So this is the best time for buying crypto at low prices.

One of the most promising digital assets to invest in is NEO. Neo is a crypto platform based on the AntShares blockchain allowing to digitize assets from the real sector, turning them into tokens with the purpose of trading them. The project was welcomed in China and even for the name of Chinese Ethereum. The company managed to raise funds for the NEO project development and has good future prospects.  Experts predict the NEO crypto price to rise to $36 – $53 in 2025. Everything will depend on how the project develops, how many partners it gets and if it expands its adoption in Europe.

Here are crucial things to know about the NEO cryptocurrency project:

  1. Support for all popular programming languages
  2. Speedy transactions
  3. Smart contracts

Where to Buy NEO Cryptocurrency?

If you want to analyze the NEO coin price chart, you can see it on the Coinmarketcap resource. If you want to buy this token, welcome to the WhiteBIT platform. It is a centralized exchange with over 450 traded crypto pairs and a variety of financial instruments. NEO can be bought with fiat money via a bank card. The crucial thing here is to be a registered and verified user because it is impossible to attach a bank card if you do not provide your passport data. Centralized exchanges like WhiteBIT offer a high level of safety for clients and protect their accounts with two-factor authentication.

Once you register an account and pass KYC, you may deposit fiat to your account and place an order to buy NEO tokens. The platform will display the current price of NEO and the fee for the transaction. In a few seconds, you will receive NEO tokens in your account.