According to the latest leak from tipster WABetaInfo, Facebook owned WhatsApp has finally started testing its recall feature i:e ‘delete for everyone’ on Android and iOS platform. As we know that WhatsApp has been trying this feature via beta testing in the past, as it’s some traces were found in the internal code.

Moreover, the tipster also states that the WhatsApp has successfully worked the feature via a dedicated recall server. However, it is very likely that the WhatsApp will roll out the stable version of the Recall feature in upcoming weeks. Moreover, WhatsApp also diversifies the attribute of recall feature by enabling it to delete the messages from the notification window.

However, the rivals like Viber and Telegram has already included this feature and WhatsApp is in their final stage of testing it. The recall feature allows users to revoke their messages once they are sent irrespective of the fact that the recipient already reads the message or not.

To recall, WhatsApp has recently imparted PiP support and ability to have text as a status message to its messaging platform globally. The PiP mode allows users to resize the video calling window and drag it anywhere on the display panel while doing the multitasking at the same time. Furthermore, the second feature lets users avail text-only updates as their status with extra options of changing the background color and adding the text to it. However, these text-only statuses also adhere 24 hours of visibility.