WhatsApp might soon get the feature that we’ve all been waiting for. As multiple reports suggest that the company is testing a new feature that lets you edit or delete Sent messages in the popular instant-messaging service.

The feature is still in beta testing and will be called ‘revoke’ and ‘edit’ when it finally becomes available for all users. It’s aimed at resolving one of the more lingering issues with WhatsApp, giving users a way to avoid instances such as sending a message to the wrong group or person.


But having said that, the feature doesn’t seem entirely convincing and could also lead to some confusion among recipients. As deleting (revoking), the sent message will alert the recipient with a phrase that the “sender has revoked the message.” Now, this could be a cause for concern but as they say – something is better than nothing. At least users will be able to edit or delete messages sent to the wrong person or group.

Besides, it’s still unclear how long users will have to edit or delete a sent message. However, screenshots of the feature suggest they’ll be able to edit or delete a message as long as the recipient hasn’t read it.

So how does it work? Once a user sends a message, a revoke option will appear next to the message showing a single tick, which indicates the message has been sent via WhatsApp’s server but is yet to be delivered or viewed by the recipient.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is also prepping a new live location tracking feature, which allows users to track their friends in real-time. Even this feature is currently undergoing testing, which will enable users to share their real-time location for a few minutes or continuously.

Being a part of beta test, it’s not immediately clear whether these features will be rolled in versions of WhatsApp. However, the ability to delete or revoke a message would certainly be a welcome addition for WhatsApp users around the globe. Perhaps, something even more than the video calling feature that was rolled out last year, which is undeniably one of the biggest feature additions we’ve seen on WhatsApp.