WhatsApp is all set to get a bunch of new features in an upcoming update. According to a report by DevLabs, the information was revealed by developer Alex193A, who creates an application called WATTweaks which allows users to unleash the full potential of WhatsApp with a rooted device.

With WATTweaks, users can unlock a slew of developer-focused features with a rooted handset. However, users need to be a part of the BETA Testers program to use these features. Interested users can enroll in the beta testers program for WhatsApp by clicking here. After you’ve downloaded the program, you’ll need to download WATTweaks application apk here. After you’ve downloaded the installer package, you’ll need to sideload the application onto your smartphone and allow root access to the device. Once you’ve completed these steps, you are allowed to turn on or off any developer locked BETA features on WhatsApp.

Going by the images of the BETA update, it appears WhatsApp is getting a redesigned UI and slew of rather interesting features. For instance,
the Facebook-owned IM could get a new message recall feature which allows users to retreat a message. Once the sender recalls the message, the other party will see a pop-up notification saying “The message has been recalled.” The Facebook-owned IM application was rumored to get this feature soon, and it appears it may soon be available to all.


Apart from this, WhatsApp is also working on a new live location tracking feature, which allows users to track their friends in real-time. Even this feature is currently undergoing testing, which will enable users to share their real-time location for a few minutes or continuously.

Being a part of the beta test, it’s not immediately clear when these features will go live. However, the ability to recall or revoke a message would certainly be a welcome addition for WhatsApp users the world over. Probably, something even bigger than the video calling feature that was rolled out last year.

Source: Dev-Labs