WhatsApp Linked Devices Poised for Long-Awaited Multi-Device 2.0 Update

The popular messaging app WhatsApp, long criticized for its limitations on multi-device usage, appears poised to finally address user concerns with a significant update currently in beta testing. Codenamed “Multi-Device 2.0,” the new feature promises to revolutionize how users interact with WhatsApp across their various devices.

Key Highlights:

  • WhatsApp testing “Multi-Device 2.0” beta feature for linked devices.
  • Status updates and message editing potentially rolling out to companion devices.
  • Improved syncing and seamless switching between devices expected.
  • Long-standing user requests for enhanced multi-device functionality addressed.


While WhatsApp currently allows syncing chat history and messages across linked devices, key functionalities like creating and editing status updates or modifying sent messages remain restricted to the primary phone. This often leads to frustration for users who juggle between their phone, laptop, and tablet, creating a disjointed messaging experience.

The “Multi-Device 2.0” beta, however, introduces the ability to post and edit status updates directly from linked devices like tablets or laptops. This eliminates the need to constantly switch back to the phone, offering a much smoother workflow. Additionally, whispers suggest that the update might even allow editing of sent messages, a feature highly sought after by users but currently unavailable on any platform.

Furthermore, the beta reportedly improves syncing and device switching. Currently, switching between WhatsApp on different devices often results in a lag in message updates, causing missed notifications and a disjointed conversation flow. “Multi-Device 2.0” aims to tighten this synchronization, ensuring a seamless transition between devices without losing track of messages.

While still in beta testing, the upcoming update signifies a significant step forward for WhatsApp’s multi-device functionality. Addressing long-standing user requests for greater flexibility and control, it has the potential to transform WhatsApp into a truly device-agnostic messaging platform.

Enhanced Convenience and Accessibility:

The ability to manage status updates and potentially edit messages from any linked device promises convenience and eliminates the need for constant phone switching.

Improved Syncing and Continuity:

Tighter message synchronization across devices ensures seamless conversation flow and reduces the risk of missed messages.

Addressing User Feedback:

The “Multi-Device 2.0” update directly addresses user requests for improved multi-device functionality, demonstrating WhatsApp’s commitment to user experience.

While the exact release date for the “Multi-Device 2.0” update remains unknown, its arrival on the beta scene signals a promising future for WhatsApp’s multi-device capabilities. If the beta testing proves successful, users can expect a significantly smoother and more convenient WhatsApp experience across all their devices.