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WhatsApp to defy Delhi High Court order, will continue sharing user data with Facebook

WhatsApp Delhi High Court

According to sources, the defiant WhatsApp will share data with Facebook as scheduled. This means the company is going to ignore the recent ruling of Delhi High Court restraining the mobile messaging company to reveal any data with Facebook.

Recently, the Delhi High Court based on a petition from two students had passed orders, which prohibited sharing of data fetched up to September 25. If the recent reports are to be believed, WhatsApp is going with the original plan to share data with Facebook.

WhatsApp flays Delhi High Court over its recent ruling

Commenting on the development, a highly placed source attached to the company revealed to us that the recent court order has nothing to do with the changes planned by WhatsApp with reference to terms and privacy policy. Meanwhile, Anne Yeh, WhatsApp spokesperson disclosed to us that the recent court order has no major impact on the scheduled policy and terms of service conditions.

If WhatsApp needs to implement the court order, then it will have to completely delete data of all users. However, the company only needs to delete data of those users who have opted out of the messaging app after the new privacy policy came into force.

Delhi High Court asks government to bring WhatsApp under law

In the meantime, the court also requested the central government to bring the instant messaging companies such as WhatsApp under the ambit of law. The appropriate authorities should conduct a detailed study about the feasibility of bringing all mobile based messaging companies under a single regulated framework monitored by the law enforcement agencies.

The bench, while pronouncing the order said that upon investigation of the new privacy policy, users are provided with an option to delete the account. However, the main question here is whether the data stored by users will also be deleted from the servers. They observed that the data should be deleted to prevent any sort of misuse.

In its ruling, the court had ruled that the mobile messaging app company will be required to delete data up to September 25. This is applicable to all users who are not only willing to opt out but also agree with the new privacy policy.

While announcing the new privacy policy on August 25, WhatsApp revealed that the company would share personal information of users such as phone numbers with Facebook. However, the company provided 30 days to unsubscribe from the new privacy policy. Interestingly, Germany recently asked WhatsApp not to share any user data or information with Facebook.