WhatsApp adds GIF, Live Photos support for iPhone 6s and above

WhatsApp for iOS 10 version 2.16.15 has been refreshed with the ability to provide support for GIFs including Live photos. It is now possible for WhatsApp users to send and receive their own animated GIFs.

The latest WhatsApp for iOS 10 update enables you to discover and share GIFs from various services such as Giphy and Tenor. However, the availability of the service depends on upon the region, where you are located.

You can also make use of GIFs stored on your iPhone. To use services such as Giphy, you need to install it and send using the integrated built-in sharing options instead of WhatsApp directly. Moreover, you can deliver videos that are 6 seconds or more. For this purpose, you need to simply select a clip from the camera roll and tap the GIF toggle to convert it.

WhatsApp for iOS brings in Live Photos as GIFs

WhatsApp for iOS also enables you to send Live photos as GIFs. To send a Live Photo as a GIF, you need to 3D Touch the photo after tapping Attach | Photo/Video Library and picking the option titled “Select as GIF” You can work with Live Photos if you have iPhone 6S or iPhone 7.

New features added to WhatsApp for iOS

Even though WhatsApp is late to the GIF-sharing arena, the company has added new features such as an exclusive GIF editor. It enables you to add captions, stickers, drawings and emoji to animations. You will be able to trim clips to the desired length.

Recently, WhatsApp for iOS was updated with Siri integration. According to sources, WhatsApp was the first to make effective use of Siri after the Cupertino-based giant thrown open the SDK for third-party tools. It is now possible to ask Siri to send WhatsApp messages or make WhatsApp calls.