WhatsApp conversations can now be backed up online on Google Drive

Facebook [NASDAQ:FB] owned mobile messaging platform WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature to provide online backup of the conversations to the Google Drive. The feature has been rolled out in the latest Android Version v2.12.45. It is possible the new option would be rolled out on other platforms as well.

WhatsApp already have offline backup option wherein the conversations and the media are transferred to the mobile device. The Online feature will help users to have the backup in case they switch phone or accidentally lost it. Selecting Google Drive as the option to backup data shows that WhatsApp trusts Google based service more than the other such services. Also it could be attributed to the fact that Google Drive has more users than any other online backup service.

The Google Drive Backup option can be accessed through Settings wherein a new option of Google Drive appears. There are options to transfer the data through the Wi-fi or over cellular data. Its best to keep the option of Wi-fi selected if you have lot of Media. There is also option to select the frequency of data transfer to daily, weekly or monthly. WhatsApp also has the option to Backup Now to transfer the data instantly. Users can also restore the backup data at touch of a button.

WhatsApp has recently crossed 800 Million active users every month. WhatsApp founder Jan Koun announced this through his official Facebook page in a post.


With the rate WhatsApp is adding users it is soon to become the number one downloaded and active App. Instagram and Twitter are far behind the WhatsApp in terms of number of active users. WhatsApp users frequent the app more frequently and on an average spend 30 minutes on the app.


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