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WhatsApp for Android, iOS launched with new features: Text formatting now possible

WhatsApp for Android, iOS

WhatsApp, the immensely popular, a cross-platform mobile messaging app is rolling out updates for both its Android and iOS counterparts. The stable version for Android and iOS finally enables the droid fans and iPhone users to format their text to bold, italics, bold-italics and strikethrough (Strikethrough option will be available from v2.12.560 onwards) while messaging their contacts. These options were earlier seen in beta version for Android and finally makes its way to iOS users with version 2.12.17 and for Android devices with v2.12.535.

Like word processing apps comes with a bold or italics option button, there is no such option in WhatsApp. To format the text the users need to put the desired text with certain symbols like the * (asterisks) for bold, for italics one has to type between two _ (underscore) symbols and for strikethrough the ~ (tilde) symbol has to be used.

For example –  _*PC-Tablet*_   will be changed to PC-Tablet.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp, 2.12.561 which rolled out on 29th March brings many new features to the table. These changes include a Quick Reply Option, ability to select Multiple Contacts for muting, archiving, etc. There are also quite a few solid wallpaper options with this update.

Quick Reply Option

The Facebook-owned messaging app adds Android N focused option of Quick Reply from Notification in the latest beta build. Although it’s a bit different from the reply option seen in Hangouts app on a device running Android N Developer preview, it’s a small step in that direction.

This nifty feature allows the user to reply without opening the entire conversation in the app. It’s more like a floating window with the ability to use all emojis, voice message option. There are two tabs below – close and view, to close the window or view the messages in the app.

Multiple Contact and Group Selection

Earlier the users had to long press the group name or contact name to launch an overlay window various options. Now, one needs to just select the contact or groups and the options appear in the upper right-hand corner. The options include ‘Archive, Group Info, Leave group, Mute/Unmute, Mark as read/unread and Add Chat Shortcut’, for a single group and for the contacts the usual ‘Archive, View contact, Delete, Mute/Unmute, Mark as read/unread and Add Chat Shortcut’.

New Wallpapers and Selection Layout

The age old “Default” wallpaper icon has been done away with. Instead, there is a new wallpaper selector layout which uses Material icons and has an option for ‘Solid Color’ wallpapers. There are approximately 27 solid wallpapers to choose from.

To enjoy all these new features one needs to install the latest beta version of 2.12.561. This can be done by joining the official beta program in Play Store.