WhatsApp 2.16.229 update brings Voicemail, new font, call back feature on Android and iOS

WhatsApp has become the foremost communication app for any smartphone. The application is equally famous with users using handsets which are based on Android and iOS platforms. The app has kept with the changing times and continually upgraded to give the users the maximum possible benefits. Some of the features which have been incorporated include document sharing, voice calls, formatted text and now the voice mail features which are available for both Android and iOS based devices. Rumors about the feature have been in the air for a long time it is now that it has been declared officially. Android-based devices can take advantage of the feature if they are using version 2.16.229 of the app. iOS based devices can get the feature if they have the version 2.16.8 running on their handsets.

WhatsApp 2.16.229 Update Features

In older times you left a text message if your call is unanswered or rejected to get your message across. Things have become much simpler now and you do not need to type words to get your note across. You can get your voicemail across by following a few quick and straightforward steps. When a user makes a call a new feature will flash across the screen to enable the user to send a voice mail across after the calling ends unanswered. Earlier an unanswered call will redirect to the chat window of the person the user is trying to call. Now the user is given three options if his call is not answered- Cancel, Call Again or Voice Message.

The first two messages are self-explanatory. Cancel option will bring the user back to the chat window of the contact. Call again will enable the user to make a call a second time while the third feature will enable the user to send a voice mail. Users will be required to press the Voice Message option and then record his message. Users can speak what they have to say just like a normal conversation just like the way one sends a voice message from their chat window.

How to use features?

Release the finger from the button and your voicemail will be automatically forwarded to the concerned person. It will appear on the individual’s chat window as a recorded voice note. Thus with the voice mail one can reduce the bother of typing and sending messages across.

If you mess up with the voice mail don’t panic, just move your finger to the left and the message will be automatically deleted. The message will not be sent. The same process can be done if you want to remove a draft message.


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