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What’s the Lowdown on Google’s Pixel 6 Smartphone?

Google’s Pixel 6 smartphone, the search engine’s flagship device, has been available for a few weeks now, giving customers and experts time to evaluate the product. Is it everything we expected and more? Or is it a downgrade from the Pixel 5? At first glance, it appears to be the former.

What the Reviewers Think

The reviews have been very favorable so far, with IGN loving the redesign that has brought the Pixel 6 in line with its peers. The Guardian enjoys the combination of the cut-price cost mixed with features that utilize some of the latest smartphone tech, such as 5G capability. Toms Guide, meanwhile, goes as far as comparing Google’s newest release to Samsung’s S21 Ultra, declaring the Pixel 6 the winner.

Shoppers are happy with their purchases, too, since Google is reported to have doubled its production levels from 2020. It produced 3.7 million phones last year, but the figure will be over 7 million this year. Overall, it’s ranked as the smartest, best-value Pixel yet, which is impressive. More than that, it’s a phone that Google smartphone customers can finally say is as good as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei.

What’s Changed?

The Pixel 5 only came out in 2020, so not much time has passed between that model and the Pixel 6. Considering the reviews are twice as good, several features must be different, too. And they are. A significant evolution is the CPU. Google has swapped the Octa-core CPU for its Google Tensor, with the latter using an AI accelerator to promote neural network machine learning. Along with the Android 12 operating system, the performance is incredibly powerful.

Traditional features highlight this, such as the way the camera instantly launches. The same applies to apps and the internet browser. Mostly, the phone is ultra-responsive when it’s asked to execute tasks. However, the extra power comes in handy in areas that are increasing in popularity. Yes, that means entertainment.

Watching movies and TV series on the go is part of everyday life, which is another reason the 12GB RAM requires a supportive CPU. Video gaming is covered by large quantities of storage – between 128GB and 512GB – enabling legacy gaming enthusiasts to stream directly to their handsets. That will come in handy now that Xbox’s Game Pass app is active. Of course, outside of video games, the power required for iGaming is something to keep in mind when selecting a phone, and Google appears to have done just that because the Pixel 6’s powerful performance can run games such as slots, blackjack, and poker with zero hassle. As US states are open to the prospect of remote wagerings, like Pennsylvania has done, the need to appeal to bettors is as essential to tech companies as it is for the providers themselves. As this list of online casinos in PA highlights, online casinos in the Keystone State, and the US, are here to stay, especially as the potential revenue is attracting iconic brands like BetMGM and Borgata.

Power isn’t everything, though. So, it’s good that the 6.71-inch OLED screen is ideal for the main features of modern phone use. Instead of being curved, it’s flat to allow for excellent brightness and superior viewing angles. If 5G is in your area, reviews report that 300Mbps download speeds are up for grabs, ensuring you shouldn’t be offline.

Should You Buy It?

The final decision is in your hands. But it’s fair to say that the Google Pixel 6 is an upgrade on the handsets Google has developed previously. Also, it’s hard to look past the affordability when you get so many features. If in doubt, however, you should do your research before pulling the trigger.

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