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What’s The Difference Between RDP and VPS?

Computing and networking technology is advancing at present. Thanks to these advancements, various solutions and services have become readily available for our use. RDP and VPS are some of these solutions.

Well, most individuals and business organizations are now using computer networking to complete their everyday tasks. Regardless of business size, computer networking has become an important factor in the equation. In computer networking, there are various names we used to listen to. RDP and VPS are two of those.

RDP and VPS are both usually considered acronyms in the server industry. However, RDP is an abbreviation of Remote Desktop Protocol, while on the other hand, VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server.

RDP Vs. VPS: What’s the difference between both?

Various people don’t know much about the difference between RDP and VPS. To make things clear here, we will have RDP Vs. VPS. Ultimately, understating things in this regard would become easier.

So, here we go:

What is VPS?

VPS, also known as a Virtual Private Server, is a virtual machine, or you can better say it is a physical server’s virtual subdivision. It can help you develop an independent environment that can let you access dedicated resources that behave as an independent computer.

The operating system of a VPS can also be different from the server it is created on completely. It is because virtualization technology is used to create a VPS to virtualize the Operating System as well. So, it can let you benefit from a windows server on a Linux physical server and vice versa as well.

You will run a virtualization layer on virtual architecture, and Virtual Private Servers will run within that layer. As a result, within these VPS, you can run a different operating system and your applications as per your needs.

What is RDP?

VPS is a server, while RDP is a protocol and is known as a terminal service. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) can be used on Windows VPS to access the information of client desktops reliably. RDP is a remote desktop access solution by Microsoft that can let you have full desktop visualization of a remote server or computer.

In simple words, Remote Desktop Protocol is used to take a remote windows computer access which will let you access applications and other data on a remote computer over a network.

What are the differences between RDP and VPS?

Mostly, both RDP and VPS are the same as both of these involve remote connections and virtual servers. However, some points are still different between RDP and VPS, especially when it is about the functionality of both.

RDP accounts offered by hosting companies usually don’t come up with root access or administrative level access. 

  1. It is because these are often hosted on crowded servers. However, on the other hand, VPS includes SSH connectivity and root access features. It is because VPS is an autonomous virtual environment.
  2. Even more, VPS solutions are usually available as web hosting services. It is considered as a server on its own and comes up with administrator access and dedicated IP. 
  3. It means no one can change or delete a setting without the permission/access of the admin. 
  4. While, on the other hand, RDP is a protocol intended to facilitate sharing of resources such as files, applications, encryption, security, and more among multiple users.
  5. An RDP server can be shared among 5 to 15 accounts at the same time. 
  6. Even though you will not get the root administrative access here. However, all the work you are going to do on your RDP account will be private 100%. 

However, when choosing between RDP and VPS, most people don’t know which one is better for them. Frankly, whether you should go with an RDP or VPS completely depends upon your needs. If you want to have complete access to your server, choosing a VPS is what you should consider. However, if you need a shared server that comes up with no root access and high configuration, then RDP is what you need to consider here.

Key Takeaways

  1. RDP is here to let you access remote desktops over a network to have full visualization of the client system.
  2. On the other hand, a VPS imitates a dedicated server virtually.
  3. Microsoft develops RDP to support encryption, data sharing, applications, and more between systems and virtual network servers.
  4. VPS and RDP are almost the same. However, the only difference between these two is that an RDP is shared with multiple users while a VPS is dedicated to one user with complete root admin access.
  5. The major usage of RDP is remote implementation and configuration.
  6. VPS is a virtual private server, while RDP is shared among multiple users. 

These takeaways will help you understand the difference better.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, RDP and VPS are considered the same in the server industry. However, these are different, especially in terms of functionality. There are different things that can make RDP or VPS a suitable selection for you. However, if you want to have functionalities of both going with an RDP VPS service is the best bet.

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