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What’s inside your computer?

Using computers has become a chore and a lot of fun. While the PC is stable and showing good results, we are very pleased. But when a problem appears, the worry takes over. And just thinking that the defect may be in the computer parts, already beats a desperation. You might be able to be a little more calm if problems occur with external components such as external CD / DVD drives as you can search for the new one by clicking here. But what about internal components? At least you need to understand them a little.

Many users think of never opening the computer. Some are afraid to find a new world. Others simply prefer not to tinker to avoid any problems. Be that as it may, knowing the physical part of your machine can be important. For the curious may even be interesting, after all, are various electronic components that make a magic for you to access the web and perform other tasks.

Today’s article is dedicated to everyone who has never opened a computer cabinet, and also for users who want to recall some important information about hardware. Now, let’s go to lengthy explanations.


It might seem strange to approach the enclosure as part of the hardware. However, this component is very important to accommodate other items. In addition to storing boards, disks and other parts, the cabinet allows cable management and serves as a place to cool the hardware. Usually, the cabinet is made of high-strength metal, which is a very hard material to avoid damage to the parts inside. However, there are models with acrylic, plastic and other materials.

A recurring, and even normal, error is to call the CPU cage. Actually, this saves the CPU, but it is far from one. We must always remember that the enclosure has no electronic function, while the processor (CPU) is a “thinking” item.


The motherboard is not only the main component of the computer because it is not the mother who runs the program. However, it is the part that unites all other hardware items, which makes it important for the machine to function. When you open the case, you cannot see the motherboard completely because it is hidden under other components. As you can see in the picture above, the motherboard has a rectangular shape and many small pieces that are visible to the naked eye.

This motherboard has its own space that matches the processor, memory modules, additional boards, and several cables. In addition, it has its own hole so that, using screws, it is possible to fix it to the cabinet.

Because it requires a lot of space, it’s almost impossible not to see that your PC has a motherboard. It has several interesting components, such as chipsets (square metal items near the slots for additional boards) and connectors that are visible on the back of the case.


The processor is the most important item on the machine. Most computers are not even connected without the presence of a Central Processing Unit (CPU). The CPU is rectangular and has millions of small pieces.

At first glance, you will not be able to see the processor in the case. It sits under the sink and cooler. The heatsink is a large metal component that, as the name suggests, functions to remove heat. Already cooling is a fan that is on the heatsink and which has a function to draw hot air from the CPU.

RAM Memory

RAM is not necessarily just one item. On many computers, it can be made up of two, three or more modules. Many people have the habit of using the word “comb” to refer to the module, this is because, in a way, the format resembles a bit.


HD is the abbreviation for Hard Disk. This word stands for Hard Disk, commonly used to refer to the component that stores folders and files. It is in HD that is installed the operating system, programs, and games. In addition, the hard drive stores the user’s videos, music, and pictures. Unlike RAM, the hard disk does not store data temporarily. All the information in the HD stays in it until the user gives an order to delete them.

There are still several other important components but knowing what has been explained above will be very helpful for beginners.

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