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What You Should Know About Vertical Grow Lights

The growing urban population is steadily embracing vertical farming. Vertical farming is a sure way that farmers continuously get fresh produce without incurring additional transport costs.

The limited farming spaces in the urban centres are not hindering growing plants that can sustain your family. Vertical farming technology utilises the minimum space available in the house.

The plants are grown in multi-layers provided there is sufficient temperature and light. Anyone can do vertical farming provided the correct LED technology is applied. LED iBond lighting system offers a conducive environment for your crops to thrive indoors.

The following are some of the vertical farming technology that uses LED vertical grow lights;

1. Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a farming technology that does not require the plants to be planted on the soil. The vertical farmers provide their plants with the necessary organic solution through the roots.

The vertical grow lights provide the light needed for plant growth. LED iBond lighting system also gives the plants with sufficient heat to enhance their growth and development.

The crops grown under hydroponic systems receive all the required conditions and supplements. Hydroponic farming is three times more effective than traditional agriculture.

 2. Aeroponics

This is the kind of vertical farming where the roots of the plants are suspended in the air. The origins of the plants are fed with the necessary nutrients in mist form. The temperatures and the light in the room are controlled. The plants are grown under favourable conditions which make them produce more yields.

In Aeroponics farming, the right temperatures and sunlight are required for plant growth. The vertical grow lights from LEDs are suitable for this kind of agriculture. LEDs lighting system can be adjusted to suit the plants being grown using this method. The light intensity and colour are also varied for chlorophyll to take place.

Types Of Vertical Grow Lights That Can Be Used In Vertical Farming

The success of vertical farming depends mostly on artificial light. LEDs lighting technology offers the following lighting options;

1. High-Quality Vertical Grow Lights

The LED high quality develops lights lasts longer and therefore, do not require frequent replacement. The LED lighting system also has low power consumption. This improved technology is efficient and produces desirable temperatures.

2.  Calibrated Lighting

Grow lights with calibrated lighting system are essential for indoor farming. The plants relay on the vertical grow lights for photosynthesis. Plants require lights of different colours to produce chlorophyll. The glow from LEDs technology can be adjusted to the appropriate colour that the plants need for their growth.

The LED lighting technology also provides the farmers with the right amount of light needed for plant growth. The amount of vertical grow light depends on the type of plant. Some plants do not require light intensity throughout the day. The LEDs lighting system can be customised according to the variety of plants in a vertical farm.

Advantages of Using Vertical Grow Lights

Vertical farmers who utilise the vertical grow lights will enjoy the following benefits:

Increased Production

LED lighting vertical grow lights will help farmers to get more yields from their crops. Light enhances growth because it is essential for photosynthesis. Increased production ensures increasing food requirements for the growing urban population.

Saves the Operational Costs

LED grow lights uses less electrical power compared to other traditional light bulbs. The grow lights reduce associated operational costs. A vertical farmer will get the yields without incurring transport costs and additional labour expenses.

Healthy Plants

The vertical grow light penetrates all the layers of the vertical farm reaching all the plants. Sufficient light promotes growth and development in plants. Plants which receive a variety of light are healthy as they produce enough chlorophyll.

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