More than the price of a Smartphone, the content that is in it is what makes them really precious. Many of us store private photos, sensitive information like bank details, and other official and personal data of ours and our loved ones on our Smartphones.

If our Smartphone gets stolen or lost, then there are several things you can do in order to try and get your Smartphone back and also to make sure that none of the data stored on your Smartphone are used for some illegal activities.

Today we are here with an article on “what to do if your smartphone is stolen or lost?” in order to give you a better idea of things that can be done in such an unfortunate event.

How to track your Smartphone in case it’s stolen or lost?

The first thing to do in case your Smartphone is stolen or lost is to try and locate your Smartphone.

If your Smartphone is powered by Android, then you can make use of the Find My Device service from Google. To make use of Find My Device, your Google account should be logged in to your Android device and you can track your device until the Google Account is logged out of your device.

Similarly, the Find My iPhone service from Apple can be used for devices running on iOS.

How to file a Police Complaint in case your Smartphone is lost or stolen?

Even if you locate your Smartphone once stolen, the best option is to file a police complaint and pass on the details you have about the location of the Smartphone to the police.

When you approach the police to raise a complaint about a stolen Smartphone, you will need the following details:

  • The IMEI Number of your Smartphone. The IMEI Number can be got from the retail box of your Smartphone and can also be found in the purchase bill of your Smartphone.
  • The Maker, Model, and Color of your Smartphone.
  • Your phone number and the name of the mobile network provider under which your phone number is registered.
  • The date, time, location, and other details about when your Smartphone got stolen or lost.

How to remotely wipe data in case your Smartphone is lost or stolen?

Another thing to do in case your Smartphone gets lost or stolen is to remotely wipe the data on your Smartphone. Even though all the data may get lost forever, erasing them from your Smartphone will make sure that any data from your Smartphones does not reach the wrong hands.

You can again use the Find My Device tool for Android and Find My iPhone tool for iOS in order to remotely wipe the content on your Smartphone. However, please note that once you erase all the data, you may not be able to locate the Smartphone anymore.

Final Words

Did the above article help you understand what to do if your smartphone is stolen or lost? If you have any queries, leave them as comments below and we will answer them.

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