The year was 2007 when the iconic Steve Jobs unveiled the first ever Apple iPhone to the public and the world right there witnessed the future. And you know, the rest was history! Once in a while, a breakthrough product comes into the market and it changes the life how we know it. The Vivo Nex needs no introduction. It’s one of the most futuristic smartphones that you can buy right now.

After iPhone X, as usual, the trend of copying the ugly notch-display by the Android smartphone manufacturers was high on the rise but one manufacturer took a stand and followed a totally different approach to beat the notch and give people a glimpse into the future of smartphone industry. And to do so, Vivo developed and implemented many state of the art tech in the Vivo Nex. In this article, I am going to tell you all about that innovative approach that Vivo took to completely remove the notch without making any compromises so that you can get the best of the world.

Elevating Front Camera

The front camera takes up the biggest space in the notch and you can’t imagine a smartphone in 2018 without a front camera! Can you? So, in order to achieve the notch-free display, Vivo took an innovative approach of hiding the font camera inside the phone body and pops it out whenever required.

Vivo Nex 5

The Vivo Nex comes with an 8 MP Sony IMX 363 front elevating camera which just takes one second of time to pop-out as soon as you switch to the front camera mode in the camera app. Even Apple couldn’t come with such an innovative solution and left us with that ugly notch!

In-display Fingerprint Scanner

NEX’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanning is what makes the Ultra FullView Display experience possible. The fingerprint sensor is hidden underneath the display. It’s a third-generation sensor and works perfectly every time. Again, this is something which any other company has failed to imply in their devices till now. Unlocking the phone just by touching the display, that’s futuristic!


Screen Soundcasting Technology

Apart from the front camera, there is a lot of stuff that is still there in the notch and needs to addressed properly in order to achieve a true bezel-less experience. So, the ambient light and the proximity sensors are hidden below the display, and they use ultrasonic tech to adjust the brightness and turn off the display when on phone calls with the device on your ear. But the one feature that really changes the way you talk on the phone is the Screen Soundcasting tech that uses bone conduction to transmit audio waves.

Technically speaking, Vivo is using a piezoelectric transducer placed between two metal plates. When sound waves strike one or both plates, they vibrate, which translates into waveform similar to sound waves. These sound waves are sent to the display, rather than to the speaker.

Now converting that into English, it means the whole display of the phone acts like a speaker. You can hold up the phone either way and talk. And this is actually a more battery-friendly option than an actual speaker. This is pretty lovely! Isn’t it?

Dedicated implementation of AI Jovi

With Vivo Nex, the hardware isn’t smart only, but the whole software experience is smart as well. The Nex comes with a dedicated hardware button to interact with a lot AI features that are built right inside the phone to help you serve better. The camera of the phone is also AI-powered which is capable of identifying the scenes, things, and locations you are trying to shoot and adjusts the camera settings accordingly to give you the perfect shot.

Apart from that, you get access to all the Google Assistant services and the dedicated button for AI allows you to use Google Lens instantly.


The implementation of AI right at core increases the safety of your device and ensures a better user experience. We all know that AI is the future and with Vivo Nex, it’s right at your doorsteps!

Apart from all these out-of-the-box innovative technologies, Vivo Nex comes with the latest possible available hardware. The phone features Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB of LPDDR 4 RAM, 128 GB UFS 2.1 internal storage, 4000 mAh battery, dual pixel 12MP + 5MP primary camera, 6.59-inches edge-to-edge SUPER AMOLED FHD+ no-notch display, and variety of connectivity options.

So, what are you waiting for? The future’s right here with Vivo Nex. Own it and own the future!