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What is Xbox Game Pass?

Xbox games are with no doubt some of the best games that have ever been made. These games are available to all Microsoft users around the world and they are open to all age groups of people as long as you can play them. And with the advancements in technology, a lot has changed and now have the Xbox game pass.

What Is The Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox game pass is a monthly subscription on Microsoft that offers you an array of game titles form both MS and other third parties. Players can play these games to their heart’s content both on Xbox one and on PC.  One can liken it to best high roller casinos, where you sign up and then play until your money runs out.

Pro’s And Cons Of The Xbox Game Pass

As much as some players love and are certainly enjoying using the Xbox game pass, some players feel like they could do without, that is why we have also chosen to look at the good and the bad of having the Xbox game pass.


  • You have an endless number of games that you can choose to play
  • It offers players high profile first-party games
  • You can mix it up with Xbox live gold


  • As many as the games are, they are still fewer than the PS now
  • The PC version is still available in beta mode just like some downloaded casino games.

Is an Xbox game pass worth it?

Rounding it all up, the question that we are sure in now on your mind is, “Is it worth it to get the Xbox game pas?” If you are a gamer who uses Xbox one or Windows PC gamer, then there is no doubt that the Xbox game pass will definitely do you more good than harm.

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