What is the Most Effective Study Method for Class 6 Maths Exams

As you reach Class 6 you will find a lot of changes in the way you are used to studying. The middle school will offer information of a slightly higher level. The books might not be as colorful and attractive as you are used to. However, this does not in any way mean that the Class 6 syllabus is going to be overly complicated for you.

For Mathematics specifically, you will need to make extra efforts in your preparation for the exams. The syllabus for Class 6 Maths contains 14 chapters in total. The NCERT Class 6 Maths Book PDF is easily downloadable for ease of use. Acing 14 chapters in Mathematics might seem too much at this stage but it is easily achievable through a bit of perseverance. If you are confused regarding how to study for Class 6 Maths exams, we are here to your rescue. Let us see how you can make the most of your time to study effectively for your upcoming Mathematics exam:

  • Scan through the syllabus: 

Go through the syllabus and get a good idea about how much you have to learn. Acquainting yourself with what you are getting into is a good way to prepare yourself mentally. This will also help you plan better. Also know the exact number of days you have left for your exams.

  • Make a timetable:

After you understand the amount of preparation you need to do in the said amount of time, prepare a timetable accordingly. Planning is a key part of using effective study methods for your exams. If you do not have a lot of time on your hands before the exam, then you will need to use a different approach as opposed to when you have ample time to prepare elaborately for the exam. Keep all these factors in mind and then prepare a suitable timetable. Make sure your timetable is well thought of and detailed. It must mention the exact number of hours you are going to devote to Mathematics along with how you are going to utilize those hours. What topics are you going to cover? How much time are you going to practice past papers? Make the timetable with utter clarity.

  • Be regular:

Be regular in your studies. Attend regular classes. Do not miss out on the revision that your teachers do in the class. This is the time when the teacher will tell you the anticipated questions for the exams and also clever strategies for the exam. So make sure that you benefit from their expertise.

  • Understand, don’t memorize:

Mathematics engages your reasoning and problem-solving skills. We have seen students sit with the Math textbook trying to memorize the concepts as well as step-by-step solutions. This may just help you pass the exams but you won’t score high marks and in the long run, Mathematics will overwhelm you. However, when you put all your efforts into understanding the fundamentals of the textbook, you will see how the difficult problems now seem simpler. This will also benefit you in your later grades. Class 6 Maths teaches you several fundamentals that you will need to use in your later years as well. So pay close attention to getting a wholesome conceptual understanding of the topics that you study. Don’t hesitate to ask the experts if you have any doubts. If you are a visual learner, watch some explanatory conceptual videos on the topic.

  • Visualize:

Visualizing Mathematical problems is another great way to understand them. So when you are attempting the questions, try to visualize what the question is asking in your mind. Visualization works great with chapters like “Basic Geometrical Ideas,” “Understanding Elementary Shapes,” “Symmetry,” “Practical Geometry,” etc. You can visualize three-dimensional figures, patterns, etc. You can even look at some relevant pictures on the internet to help you have a deeper understanding of the geometrical figures and concepts.

  • Stick to the textbook:

For Class 6 Mathematics, you do not need to refer to a great many extra resources. Your NCERT textbook and a few sample papers and previous years’ question papers are enough materials for you to practice from. Stay focused on your textbook and you will ace the Class 6 Mathematics exam.

  • Relate:

Do not think of Mathematics as a subject that is limited to examinations and school. Mathematics will be relevant to you all your life. The subject material of Class 6 is very basic Math such that it applies to an array of situations in your daily life. So whilst studying, try to relate the topics that you study. You can easily apply the content of chapters like Ratio and Proportion, Practical Geometry, and Symmetry to your surroundings. Also Algebra, and Playing with Numbers can help make your everyday calculations quicker and simpler. When you understand the real-time applications of these concepts, you will build a strong mathematical foundation that will help you at every stage of your academic life.

  • Practice:

Yes, you know it as you have heard this a million times. Mathematics is all about practicing to improve your speed, accuracy, and understanding. So delve into deep practice and not just skim through. Try to solve one question multiple times. Refer to a solution book to find out an easier and faster way to solve the same problem. Dedicate one study session to one topic and in that session do not do anything else. Just practice different types of questions from that one topic. Practice a different topic in the next study session. Come back to the first topic the next day and see how much of it have you properly retained.

Regular written practice and calculations will also help you avoid careless mistakes in the exam. You cannot achieve this level of perfection if you just skim through the material and do not do the in-depth practice required of you.

  • Do not stress out:

Lastly and importantly, do not stress out about exams. Exams only analyze your progress and help you develop and evaluate your current level of understanding. Aim to excel in the exams but with a positive outlook. Approach the exams to improve yourself and further strengthen your concepts. At this point, you only need to focus on having a strong conceptual understanding and building a firm mathematical base. 

What to do during the exam?

As a bonus, let us advise you with a few pointers to keep in mind during the exam. These pointers will help you produce an immaculate answer sheet.

  • Take out time to calmly read the questions carefully at least twice before jumping on to answer them.
  • Do not produce a messy answer sheet. Keep it organized and neat.
  • Highlight the formulas used.
  • Do not skip steps.
  • Draw neat diagrams wherever you can.
  • Review the answer sheet twice to check for mistakes.

Develop a habit of following these strategies and these will help you not just in Class 6 but also in developing your mathematical skills and exam performance in the future years as well.