Home Gaming What is the difference between licensed and non-licensed free Vegas slots?

What is the difference between licensed and non-licensed free Vegas slots?

Licensed Vegas slot machines are the key to the pleasure of the game, a guarantee of receiving winnings and the ability to withdraw all honestly earned prize money. Original free Vegas slots from honest developers have a strictly controlled RNG (Random Number Generator) and are found only on licensed gambling websites. Fake online Vegas slot machines are often set up to rip-off customers and enrich owners of unlicensed software products.

How to insure yourself against such a trap? In this article, we will give tips, the use of which will help to protect yourself and insure against playing on fake Vegas-like slots.

Licensed Vegas slots

Just as there are leaders in the electronics and user software market, there are leading developers in the gaming software industry whose names are well-known and the products deserve complete trust. We are talking about companies such as Microgaming, Novomatic, Playtech and several others. These brands are a kind of quality mark confirming that you have a decent gaming product with payout ratios of 95-98%.

Specialists of the developer company independently install all the necessary settings, including the RTP of the free Vegas slot machines. And only then pass it to the buyer. Representatives of the casino are not able to tweak the percentage of return and make significant changes in the software themselves since all software is placed on the servers of the developers. Casino owners can only access statistics on Vegas-like slot machines and adjust free spins in accordance with ongoing promotions held by an individual online casino.

Each licensed machine passes a three-stage control of reliability and quality:

  1. pre-sale and subsequent periodic checks by the developer;
  2. testing a random number generator by an independent company;
  3. control by an international auditor.

In fact, licensed Vegas online slot machines are finished products with factory settings that the casino cannot “tweak” for itself. In addition, the developer company regularly checks the slots to make sure that their functioning is correct. All working databases are located on secure servers of the developer, where employees of online casinos do not have access. Constantly updated tricky protection saves products from data loss, hacks, malfunctions and virus attacks.

Some development companies as a structural unit have a laboratory for testing the RNG or contact an independent organization for this. All this determines the honesty and impartiality of the work of the software in all slot machines that go on sale.

An audit is carried out by international companies such as eCOGRA. Based on the results of this inspection, a certificate is issued confirming the proper quality of the product.

This multi-stage control ensures reliability and guarantees the honesty of certified online slot machines.

Fake online slot machines

It would seem that everything is so tightly controlled, then where are the victims of pirated software from? Licensed software is expensive and only legal online casinos that value their reputation and care about the comfort of customers can afford it.

“Gray” gambling houses do not want to spend money on original software and want to be able to avoid developer checks and change the settings of the machines in their favor. They give rise to a demand for pirate slots – clones of the original, but with modified software.

Usually, such software is inferior in quality to the original ones, but quite often there are very high-quality fakes, which can be difficult to distinguish from brand ones. Craftsmen accurately copy the design of the original slot, changing only the algorithm of its operation.

There is another approach: the slot is not created from scratch but is redone from the code of the original thanks to reverse engineering of the product. Then it multiplies and goes on sale at a price of 1-2 thousand dollars, while a branded product costs ten times more expensive. For example, in order to launch an online casino with NetEnt products, the company requires payment of a “security deposit” in the amount of 220 thousand USD.

Clones of the original slots of well-known manufacturers are configured by the owners of the casino themselves, of course, in their favor. Therefore, to win in such machines is extremely difficult or completely unrealistic, it all depends on the greed of the owner. Casino operators who do not have money to buy decent software are unlikely to set honest return rates. That is why it is important to play in reliable casinos that do not cash in on their customers.