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What is the difference between Analog and Digital Desktop Vaporizers?

Desktop vaporizers, unlike their smaller and more compact brethren, offer quite a unique vaping experience. These tabletop units are oftentimes outfitted with superior and more powerful heating elements which allow them to yield similarly better output. Desktop vaporizers can also offer a variety of means on how one can control temperature giving its users an unparalleled edge and quite the definitive vaping experience. Most of these desktop devices are equipped with a wide range of temperature levels allowing you to experience the different benefits of your choice materials, and while desktop vaporizers will have the capability to go low and slow or extremely high in terms of temperature flexibility, they’re designed and engineered to heat your materials and CBD oil drops without getting to the point of combustion.

Today, desktop vaporizers have two main varieties when it comes to temperature control; analog desktop vaporizers and digital desktop vaporizers. Although both devices are designed to function similarly and ultimately do the same thing – vaporize the material you put in – the way they operate greatly affect and influence your overall experience.

Analog Desktop Vaporizers

Analogs usually sport dials and knobs as controls to regulate and calibrate temperature. Imagine yourself fine-tuning an old radio or a transmitter you found on your grandfather’s basement, that’s what it feels like working with analog vapes. In most models, the “on” and “off” button is often incorporated within the dial. Analogs will most of the time be mechanical in design, having mostly mechanical components. That’s why it’s one of the preferred desktop vaporizers of consumers who require a more hard-wearing unit since most mechanical devices tend to have durable components. Apart from having durable key pieces, analogs will be easier to use. They will have fewer buttons and will have less complicated procedures making them the ideal desktop vaporizer for beginners and newcomers. An analog desktop vaporizer will also be cheaper than digital desktop vaporizers since they use rudimentary technology in temperature regulation. However, the analog vaporizer lacks precision with only preset levels to offer at each turn of the knob.

Digital Desktop Vaporizers

Digital devices present a new breed of desktop units and can commonly be seen with large digital displays. These display panels give the digital desktop vaporizer its modern allure. If operating an analog desktop vape felt like turning the knobs of an old two-way transmitter, a digital desktop vaporizer will fell close to pressing buttons on your microwave oven.

While analog vapes will have only preset temperature profiles, digital vapes allow precise temperature control. Through its intricate panels, one can adjust the temperature level of digital desktop vaporizers down to the smallest detail. This makes for a perfect tool for people who have a particular taste in vaping. Digital vaporizers open up new rooms for customization and personalization allowing you to explore the benefits of your materials when subjected to varying temperature levels.

What’s the Difference?

Deciding on what vaporizer to invest in could be a pretty challenging task. Setting personal preferences aside, one would have a hard time telling which vaporizer is worth splashing the cash. Here’s a quick summary of what the most common differences between analog desktop vaporizers and digital desktop vaporizers have.

Digital Analog
Accurate Temperature Display Simple
Precision Temperature Control Straightforward
Advanced Internal CPU To Hell and Back Reliability
May Come with Sophisticated Features Only Has Preset Temperature
A Little Expensive Cheaper Than Digital Vapes


What to Get?

Desktop vaporizer users particularly those who use it to medicate are keen in temperature since the dry herb strains and the concentrates they use require different temperature levels to extract some of the key ingredients found in these materials. Furthermore, by keeping the temperature to a specific spectrum will prevent the materials from burning this preventing combustion altogether. This makes vaporization more effective leaving out the toxic and unclean byproducts of burnt materials.

When vaporizing cannabis-based materials, playing around with temperature will allow you to customize the upshots depending on your needs. Temperatures below 180-degrees Celsius/356-degrees Fahrenheit will extract the terpenes from your botanical blends. Terpenes are the chemical compounds in cannabis that gives it its unique smell and taste. Low temp vapors are good for people who want mild euphoria and sleep-inducing highs. On the other hand, raising the temperature level to 200- or 230-degrees Celsius/446-degrees Fahrenheit will extract cannabinoids from the plant matter. Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD will also be released at different temperature levels. CBD, the curative compound of cannabis at around 200-degrees Celsius/392-degrees Fahrenheit while THC, the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis is released at around 215- to 220-degrees Celsius/428-degrees Fahrenheit.

Because temperature plays a huge role in the pharmacological effects of your choice materials, it is important to consider temperature flexibility when selecting a desktop vaporizer. Whether you choose to get a digital vaporizer or an analog vaporizer, knowing the optimum temperature level for your materials will allow you to select the best desktop unit so you can enjoy a wide variety of effects from your select concentrates and dry herb strains.

Generally, low-temperature sessions are good for pain management and treatment of inflammation as well as managing stress and anxiety. CBD vape sessions are ideal for medical marijuana users and analog desktop vaporizers are good tools for people who are vaping to medicate since they still keep their wits and experience the healing benefits of cannabis without getting high. High-temperature sessions are best for people who want to get high, for when you just want to get your lazy pants on and just chill out on your couch. Digital desktop vaporizers are the perfect choice for when you want to doze off after that sensational high. Most digital models have automatic shutoff features which allow the vaporizer to turn itself off as soon as you reach euphoria. Digital vapes are perfect for those high THC strains allowing you to reach high temperatures with just a click of a button.

When it comes to choosing between an analog and a digital vaporizer its best to check your purpose, your material, and of course your taste. Temperature control and flexibility will come second as soon as you master your own preference.

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