What Is Social Media Content Curation?

When you search the web to find and share the most interesting and valuable information, you are technically conducting social media content curation. Content curation is a very important concept in the world of digital marketing as it greatly determines the success and popularity of your brand. Learning this is not rocket science for there is a possibility that you might have even done it unknowingly by retweeting and sharing YouTube videos! The only difference is that, in this case, you use it to mainly market yourself to your audience to increase conversions. Here are some tips concerning this marketing method:

1) Curating Partners

Consulting the services of reputable social media marketing companies will save you the work of trawling through websites to find relevant content that you can curate. Marion, for example, is a digital marketing agency that will push your brand to the next level by creating curated content that will be used for your social media platforms. Having them as your marketing managers will certainly propel the popularity of your brand since they will know the curations most valuable for your audience.

2) Relevance

Content curation should not be done blindly and haphazardly. You should assess whether your audience will be interested in the content you are sharing. The content should be able to answer the questions of your audience and address their needs. It should build value, and this can be achieved by working on getting the information they need. The information should be from a trustworthy source preferably from a reputable blog or website. Sharing poor content from unknown blogs can dent your brand’s image.

3) Know About Your Audience

What is it that your audience is interested in? How will they relate to the content you are sharing? It would help if you made it all about them and not all about you, to show that you share and care. It should be strategic in that the right content is shared at the right time. It should not be overdone to the point of monotony; neither should it be a substitute for original content. Balancing original and shared content is of key importance.

4) Go Slow On Promotional Content

Customers get jaded of brands that keep promoting their products repetitively. They need something appealing that can be offered after the purchase like a remarkable service that will keep you around.

5) Personalization

The content you are sharing should get the reader or consumer to justify that whatever he or she is reading is relevant and that it is worth his or her time. You should also read everything, not just the headlines before sharing curated content to ensure you are sharing the right thing. It is advisable to add your own value to the curated content. For instance, you can attach an approving comment to it.

Content curation is meant to maintain conversations with your audience. By so doing, you get to figure out who your audience is, what they like to consume in what format, from which source and at what time of the day.

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