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What Is ASO And How To Market Your Mobile App

ASO is necessary for absolutely all applications because it increases your visibility and therefore the number of installations of your product. It must have been the goal, right? Of course, it is desirable to do ASO before release, then the probability of placing the application at the top is much higher. The first couple of months of the existence of the application are extremely important, they determine its further success.

  1. Keyword selection. Choose keywords that match your product. This is an extremely important step because it will depend on which queries the application will be shown later. Requests must meet the user’s expectations, otherwise, users will remove the app immediately after installation, and this will reduce your position in the store. It’s best to choose keywords with high frequency and low competition.
  2. Application name. It is important to include keywords in the application name. Remember that in the App Store you are allowed a maximum of 30 characters and no more than 50 characters in Google Play. Find a balance between keywords and branding. It’s recommended to place key queries with the highest frequency as close to the beginning of the title as possible.
  3. Keywords in the right places. Keywords in the App Store and Google Play are indexed differently. In Google Play, you must enter keywords in all fields: title, short description, full description. Your application will also be ranked by keywords used in the name and URL of the developer. Moreover, keywords in user feedback are also very important. While in the App Store, you need to be more careful because you have less space to enter keywords: application name, subtitle, and keywords.
  4. Graphic optimization. First of all, graphics play a role in attracting the attention of network users. This type of optimization includes screenshots, videos, and an icon. The icon is the most important component for constant testing, so app marketing specialists and designers try to make it as simple as possible. Screenshots are the elements that have to show the potential users design of the app. Not everyone uses videos, though they can help you show how your app works. Also, the video on your app page makes it possible to stand out against the background of applications with static creatives. As a result: more views, installs, and purchases.
  5. Work with the feedback. The quantity and quality of feedback is one of the key success factors because they are also a part of your app page in the stores. The ideal picture is when the reviews are positive, with high marks and they come constantly, without large peaks or periods of their absence.

At the stage of application development, think about after which action the user will be asked to leave a response and implement it. Remember, no one will give you a high grade unless you ask for it yourself. Highlight a segment of loyal users and ask them to leave feedback.

High ratings combined with the low outflow of users give the party an understanding that your application is high quality and meets the expectations of users, it begins to rank higher. Do not leave negative reviews without attention. Thank your user for an honest rating and try to fix the bugs in the next updates.

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