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What does the influx of Streaming Services mean for Cable TV?

A general trend throughout history is that better technology takes over the older one. In the United States, we see a large majority of people leaning towards streaming services. There are multiple reasons for this influx. First, people are sick of paying hefty cable bills and ever-increasing taxes, fees, and other surcharges. They need something affordable that they can rely on upon without having to worry about unpredictable price hikes. Sadly, after the end of the promotional term, cable TV plans cost consumers triple the amount than what they signed up for in the first place.

Secondly, we live in a digital age and people do not watch TV much. They prefer to stream everything from their phones. This kind of virtual convenience kills the purpose of cable TV. After all, millennials with their busy schedules have better things to do than to wait around for the scheduled broadcast of their favorite show.

As a result of these concerns, the specter of cord-cutting is haunting the United States. Yet, many people still cling to the traditional TV watching experience. Why not? The number and variety of channels you find on cable TV are matchless and no other streaming service can counter that. Moreover, the price hikes are largely understandable, as cable TV requires extensive infrastructure and regular maintenance. With so many sports, news, and lifestyle channels, the price seems justified at the end of the day.

Popular cable providers like Spectrum offer extensive channel lineups. Spectrum deals work best when taken in a bundle, and you get a single monthly bill for your internet, cable, and voice service.

So, with the influx of streaming services, what is the future of Cable TV? This article will discuss this dilemma in detail.

The Streaming Services Can Never Totally Replace Cable TV

There are basic differences between streaming services and cable TV. If you have a cable TV subscription, it means you will have access to more than 100 channels on average. Your channel lineup will include all the popular news channels such as BBC, CNN, FOX News, all the sports channels such as ESPN, FOX Sports, NBC Sports, and most importantly, a pinch of CBS, ABC, Bravo, Hallmark, and everyone’s favorite Comedy Central. This shows that your cable subscription has everything that meets the requirements of a normal household.

Although streaming services such as Hulu and Roku do give you some of these channels, they are not enough. Most of the streaming services lack a great deal of sports entertainment. You cannot watch your favorite local and Championship games on these streaming services.

It is evident that until streaming services come up with extensive channel lineups, cable TV is going nowhere.

There are so many Streaming Services in the Market

Disney recently launched Disney+, which has the best of Disney and Marvel entertainment. Apple will be introducing Apple TV soon. NBC is coming up with Peacock. Not to forget the dozens of streaming services present in the market already.

The problem is not the growing competition, but the content. These streaming services are engaged in a battle to sign all-time popular shows to attract the audience. Good for them. For consumers, it means that they just have to shuffle constantly between services to watch their favorite TV shows. This beats the purpose of signing up with a single service in the first place. With cable TV, it doesn’t happen very often. The cable plans are so extensive and contain complete lists of channels that people don’t have to look left and right to catch the best of entertainment.

There isn’t any “Best Streaming Service” Yet

Cord Cutters look away. Like it or not, there is no streaming service yet with all the right notes in terms of channel lineup, price, and quality. All those available fall short one way or the other. The highly coveted channels are always missing, which does not attract a large audience.

For older people, the interface does not do very well at all. They have to get help to move through things. Secondly, even if we believe that there is a perfect streaming service in a parallel universe having all the right channels and quality, the price for that streaming service will be as high as the cable.

Cable Bundles Keeping On Attracting Customers

There is not even a shadow of a doubt that bundling multiple services at once can save you many bucks. Streaming services are nothing without high-speed internet. In addition to the service’s monthly charges, you will have to pay a high-price for the standalone internet package with enough bandwidth to support multi-device streaming at once.

Conversely, cable providers offer amazing deals if you bundle high-speed internet with cable TV. You save a fortune on your monthly bill and get all the things needed for entertainment in one place.

Final Verdict

Streaming services are great. There is no denying that. However, cable TV still has a strong case even though people keep on complaining about the prices. The good thing is that you can bundle multiple services at once to get a great deal for your home.

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