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What Apps go well with Motorola’s G6 Smartphone?

The Moto G6 is the latest handset to drop from tech giants Motorola and already people are very impressed with what they’ve seen. The look and feel of the phone have been praised by everyone who has come into contact with it thus far, with the camera also being decent. As with any smartphone to hit the market, it’s all about apps, and this AAndroid-based device is perfect for installing some of the best. So, let’s take a look at which apps work well with the G6.

Google Chrome

One of the first apps you’re going to need is a web browser, and if Google Chrome isn’t already installed, you should download it immediately. The cross-platform browser is lightning fast and supports HTML5 as well as unlimited tabs, desktop syncing and quick links. The fact that Google search and Google translate are built-in makes it even better, proving it to be the must-have browser app around.

Party Casino

Now, when you’ve just bought a G6, you’re going to want to have a bit of fun and see what the handset is really capable of. The Party Casino service is perfect for this with its huge selection of stunning games. Whether slots, table games or live casino is your thing, you’ll find it on the brilliant Party Casino app, which also comes packed with some great promotions and bonuses too. It’s gaming at it’s finest, and with the chance to win big, it makes it the perfect app for the Motorola G6.

MX Player

The Moto G6’s screen is superb and that makes it ideal for watching videos on. You often find that in-built players struggle to play every format, but this isn’t the case with MX Player. It supports the vast majority of video and audio formats meaning you will be able to play anything and everything on it. There are also plenty of functions such as being able to edit subtitle timeframes and gesture control for volume and zooming.

Dark Sky

Weather apps have become integral to every smartphone user over recent times and there are many out on the market as it stands. The Dark Sky app stands head and shoulders above the competition though due to it providing the most accurate hyperlocal weather information around. There is minute by minute forecasts and you even get a notification just before it’s about to start raining. You’ll never need to watch the weather report on TV with this app installed.

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is comfortably one of the most useful apps available to Android users. The scanner application allows users to scan any and every type of document they see, saving them as image files of PDFs. They can then be organized and shared in an instant via email, Dropbox, Google Drive. It’s like having a scanner in your pocket, with functions such as page edge removal, converting to black and white, adjusting page sizes and more all available.

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