What affects the price youll get when you sell a used iPhone to Tech Tiger What affects the price youll get when you sell a used iPhone to Tech Tiger

What affects the price you’ll get when you sell a used iPhone to Tech Tiger? 

Here at Tech Tiger, we offer a solution which enables consumers to sell used and unwanted smartphones and other tech devices to us, receiving either direct funds or a trade-in deal to help them fund their next upgrade via the second hand market.

In a bid to ensure that every phone and device that we refurbish and sell is of the highest quality and in excellent working order, we pass devices through a rigorous condition grading system under which they are assigned a grade based on any marks and scratches – something which impacts the price they can be sold to Tech Tiger for, and the price that the end consumer will pay.

With that in mind, this blog is all about the factors that we take into account when quoting for your device, and the things which ultimately impact how much we will pay you for a used iPhone 11 Pro or similar device.

The condition of the device 

The most obvious factor which impacts the amount you will receive when recycling your device through Tech Tiger is the condition of the device – from scratches and other marks on the exterior to damage on the screen. There are certain issues which can significantly affect the quote you will receive from us, for example, water damage and other system related issues, as these render a device recyclable rather than suitable for refurbishment and resale.

When you use our website to secure a quote for your device, you will be asked about the condition of the exterior and will also be asked to identify any more serious issues. Even if these are not noted in your online quote, upon receipt of the device they will be identified by our team and the final amount that you are paid will be impacted accordingly.

To secure the most accurate quote, it’s important to be transparent about any marks or issues.

The storage capacity

Another factor which affects the amount you will get when you sell your phone to Tech Tiger is its storage capacity. Devices with a higher storage capacity are more valuable and can be resold for a higher price, so the higher the capacity and higher your quote will be. Because of this, make sure that you are accurate when selecting the capacity that your device has online.

The model of smartphone or device 

Finally, the quote you receive will depend on the model of the device and how new and in demand it is. iPhone 14 devices that are sold via Tech Tiger are by far the most in-demand and so garner higher prices for those looking to sell – meanwhile, older devices with fewer features tend to earn lower fees.

Using Tech Tiger couldn’t be simpler, with our end-to-end process offering an accessible way of selling your unwanted device in return for cash or a trade-in deal to use on your own upgrade. To find out more, visit our website.