West needs to use their own resources than asking India to import cleaner coal: Prakash Javadekar

Prakash Javadekar

Indian Environment Minister, Prakash Javadekar, insists that most developed nations need to utilize their coal and fossil fuel reserves instead of criticizing India for not having cleaner fuels. As the UN Climate Change Summit negotiating near finalization at the Paris Climate Summit, the minister said that the West was being unfair to India and U.S. had a higher per capita, and consumption of coal-powered energy was also higher than in India.

According to Javadekar, the consumption of coal-powered electricity on a per capita basis was 15,000 kWh in U.S. as compared to 1,000 kWh in India and the foreign country had a 68% increased reliance on fossil fuel reserves for meeting its energy needs.

As the countries argued on the import of cleaner coal from the country, Javadekar said that the West had more reserves than India, and they should use their resources. He argued that the coal debate was hypocritical as India was working on producing cleaner coal and that two using better methods than most other countries.

Currently, the country was proactively working on overcoming the carbon capture and storage challenges. He said that a thermal plant facility was being planned in future for using carbon in another industry.

According to the Environment Minister, India could not do away with coal in power plant startups and even other renewable energy sources could be used throughout the year. He informed that ultra power facilities that the country was planning for future would implement the use of advanced technology and improved mining process for reduction of carbon emissions in coal production.

He said that India was working on enhancing the renewable energy targets to 10 times, and this could result in 40% of the total electricity supply to be powered by using renewable energy sources over the next 15 years.

Talking about the clean technology challenge, he said all the countries needed to come together for tackling global warming as it was a threat to the whole mankind just like the developed countries put up a fight to control HIV.