Top Features of iOS 16


Lock Screen

Apple is focusing on new customization options for the iOS 16 Lock screen. Now, you can add widgets and change their layout as well as font type and color.

Live Activites

Whether it's a soccer game, an Uber ride or a sports session, you can track the progress of the event in real-time without being bombarded with multiple notifications.

Focus mode

iOS 16 will also come with an update to Focus Mode to even better sort out your activities that you want to stay focused on. Safari, for example, will allow you to display only work-related tabs during the day so you won't be distracted by other potentially open tabs.

Messages App

Messages now offers three new features: editing messages after sending, deleting messages after sending, and marking a conversation as unread. It also works with SharePlay too.

Live Text

iOS 16 also improves spoken dictation to allow your iPhone to more accurately recognize what you're saying so it can transcribe it all to paper. Apple also improved the Live Text feature. It can understand the text displayed in a video for an easier copy and paste.