Top 5 Features  of Android 13 

1. Vibration mode fine-tuning

You can now adjust almost all aspects of the vibration menu within Android 13 thanks to a new enhanced Sounds and vibration section. Google has added control bars for “Calls,” “Notifications and alarms,” and “Interactive haptics.”

2. Increased “Basic color” within Wallpapers & style section

Basic colors” available for device accenting with 16 colors that consist of seven simple tones and nine interesting dual-tone pastel colors to choose from.

3. Brand-new Photo Picker

The introduction of a new photo picker in Android 13 is a top feature because of how this protects your on-device data. It certainly has better visual appeal than the older but functional pop-up panel, because the new picker only lets apps access the photos that you allow.

4. Combined Security & Privacy Menu

Coming later this year, Google is adding a brand-new combined “Security & privacy” menu that was detailed back at IO 2022. This one-stop shop fuses on-device and account settings into one easy-to-manage area rather than relying on multiple sub-menus and sections.

5. Compact pop-up card/windows when in landscape mode

This was resolved for notifications and the Quick Settings panel back with the stable Android 12 release but it has taken until Android 13 for pop-ups to be fixed.