Redmi's Lamborghini phone (yes) raises more questions than answers.

Redmi used the opportunity to announce a partnership between itself and supercar brand Lamborghini. The end result is the (inhale) Redmi K70 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Squadra Corse.

This is a perplexing deal given the fact that Lamborghini makes multi-million dollar supercars while Redmi is a budget-focused smartphone manufacturer. So it’s hard to keep a straight face when Lamborghini’s motorsport executive says Redmi shares the same targets, vision, and DNA.

You can certainly argue that automotive-branded phones are more aspirational than anything else. That is, at least some people buying a car-branded phone are doing so because they’re fans of the carmaker but can’t afford the car in the first place. You also have to assume that some people buying car-branded devices do own the car and simply want anything related to that brand.

However, Redmi has always been a value-oriented brand, even in the Xiaomi family. It would’ve made far more sense for Lamborghini to team up with the mainline Xiaomi brand, which has long since evolved into a premium player. Redmi’s value-oriented focus is principally at odds with Lamborghini’s multi-million dollar supercar brand.