iPhone 15 Pro Max vs iPhone 15 Plus - Which one to buy?

The iPhone 15 Plus costs €1,100/$899 (in Europe/USA), while the 15 Pro Max charges €1,449/$1,199. .

the new USB-C connectors. Notably, the 15 Pro Max' USB-C is 3.2, supporting higher transfer speeds, while the 15 Plus settles for a dated USB 2.0 standard.

The cheaper 15 Plus outpaces the more premium model at the 15-minute mark, the 30-minute mark and can complete a full cycle in just over 90 minutes, while the 15 Pro Max gets it done in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

The Pro Max runs on the latest A17 Pro chipset based on the 3nm manufacturing process from TSMC, while the 16 Bionic inside the 15 Plus is Apple's last-year SoC based on the 4nm node.

If you can't be bothered about the fancy camera tech, the extra performance from the A17 Pro and the 120Hz refresh rate, the extra €350/$300 for the Pro Max will be hardly justifiable.

For the most part, the 15 Plus offers the same smooth, big-screen iOS experience with many of the same features on board, like the Dynamc Island and the USB-C port, and especially the great battery life.

But in case you are willing to spend a bit more for your next smartphone, then you will appreciate the 15 Pro Max' camera prowess, smoother 120Hz display and perhaps the new graphics quality that the upcoming game titles will bring to iOS.