Step 1: Add your bank account:

1. Open a chat with the person you want to send money to > tap the Payments icon. Alternatively, you can tap Attach > Payment. 2. Enter the rupee amount you’d like to send > tap Next > tap Get Started. 3. Tap Accept and Continue to accept our Payments Terms and Privacy Policy. 4. From the list of banks, tap the name of your bank.

5 Tap Verify via SMS > Allow. If WhatsApp already has permission to make and manage phone calls, you won’t need to grant permission. 6. Tap the bank account you want to add to send and receive payments with WhatsApp. 7. To verify your debit card, tap Continue 8. Verify your debit card details > tap Verify Card.

1. Open a chat with the contact you want to send money to. 2. Tap the  ‘₹’  symbol (Payments icon) 3. Enter the rupee amount you’d like to send > tap Next > Send Payment.

* Once you’ve added your bank account to WhatsApp, you can send money to any contact.

Step 2: Send money:

 * You will be asked to confirm your UPI PIN before sending a payment. If you haven’t set up a UPI PIN yet, you’ll be asked to do so by verifying the last 6 digits of your debit card and the expiration date.

Step 3: Verify the payment by entering your UPI PIN:

Step 4: Confirm the status of your payment: 

* To know whether your payment was successful, all you need to do is check the status of your transfer in the chat or view past transactions in the payments settings.