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Ways for parents to monitor some of the most popular teen Messengers!

Online messengers are the newest way to communicate with each other and teens are the ones who use the most number of such messengers. Though the messengers have made life convenient, there are many harmful consequences involved behind the usage of these messengers by teens. Some of these include cyber-crime, stalking, bullying and online dating. Teenage is an age where kids do not understand the rights and wrongs and hence, it is necessary for the parents to track the activities on teen messengers. Below given are some of the best teen messengers and also the ways for parents to monitor them. Read more.

Best teen messenger apps:

  • WhatsApp: This is a messenger app which can be installed on Android, iOS as well as Windows devices. With this, the user can send messages, make calls, share pictures, videos, and documents and all this can be done with the contacts saved on the smartphone. This is one of the most popular smartphone messenger apps and hence, having a WhatsApp Spy app is very important for a parent.
  • Kik Messenger: This is an application which allows the user to send texts, pictures, and videos and it also allows the user to send greeting cards and chat with strangers without revealing their names. So, anonymity can be maintained, but it is still advisable to track this app as a parent so that you know that your kids do not exchange a lot of information with strangers.
  • Omegle: This is an anonymous chat app where users discuss all the topics of their likes and preferences. The conversations on this app are often filled with lewd language, and the content is about sex, drugs, alcohol and violence. Relationships these days evolve a lot through online messengers and hence, it is important to track if your kids are using this app and check the kind of conversations they have.
  • Snapchat: This is a messenger app which allows the users to put a time limit on the pictures and videos which are uploaded. This is direct sharing of pictures of your daily activities with the contacts of your choice.

How parents monitor them?

Parents can easily monitor the teen messenger activities of their kids with the help of mSpy software. This is software which allows the parents to get access to a lot of WhatsApp spy and other messenger spying features so that it is easy to know what goes on in your kids’ smartphone.  Below given are some of the features of mSpy which can be helpful for the parents.

  • Track messenger activities of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, Whisper and other popular teen messenger applications.
  • Keep a check on the contacts and call logs of the target phones.
  • Check the text messages which are sent and received from the messenger apps of your teenager child along with the timings and other details so that you know the conversations taking place.
  • Track the images sent through the teen messengers so that you understand what kind of media content is being shared by your kids and also know the recipients of it.
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