Jaguar Land Rover, the English Multinational automotive company has unleashed an advanced prototype technology which allows a vehicle to be driven from outside the car using a smartphone.

James Bond fantasies of car lovers are nearing materialization through this development.

The remote control Range Rover Sport allows you to do all kinds of things you can do as a driver, and it includes, controlling steering, accelerator and brake, gear shift position, and selection of high or low range.

The driver can control the vehicle from a short distance, and this is now widely being considered as a giant leap in the automotive arena.

Through this technology, the driver can walk alongside the car at a pace of 6 km/hour, and thus he can control challenging situations and off-road conditions effectively.

This advancement is expected to put an end to the hassles which may happen during the time of parking vehicles in compromising conditions. It will also help the driver to understand more about the obstacles in off-road driving.

This new advanced technology is expected to create benign benefits while traveling through roads filled with mud and snow.

As of now, the remote system will work if and only the driver is within 10 meters of the car.

The system will get turned off if the driver walks away from the range, or walks too close towards the car.