This Gamer played the full Super Mario Bros video game in less than 5 minutes

Below-mentioned video shows a guy completing the classic gaming cult, Super Mario Bros in less than 5 minutes. An almost 7-minute video was posted online via YouTube channel darbian, which shows a guy create a world record by completing the game in 4 minutes, 57 seconds and 260 milliseconds.

The gamer was playing on a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and was using warp zones to finish the game. He did not lose any of the extra lives while completing the game.

The video was published on 14/04/2016 and already has 1.8 million views. People born in the 90’s would love the video as the memories of their most beloved childhood game passes through in 5 minutes.

The record time of the game-play has been ranked on top on, a site that keeps a record of plights as these. The reaction of the gamer after completing the game is something you don’t want to miss. Check out the video: