Watch Dogs 2 Release Date Watch Dogs 2 Release Date

Watch Dogs 2 release date for PS4 and Xbox One due November 2016

After the release of the initial title Watch Dogs in 2014, Ubisoft will release a Watch Dogs 2 this November. The new game packs a new environment and face to go along with Ubisoft’s extensive and immersive construct of a whole new setting.

The game will be made available for the Sony PS4, PCs, and Xbox One, beginning November 15thThe company launched Watch Dogs set in the city of Chicago with a main character named Aiden Pearce. The new game features Ubisoft’s creativity in a renewed San-Francisco that also features parts of Oakland as well as Silicon Valley.

Aiden has been replaced in games sequel, Watch Dogs 2 by a young Marcus Holloway who grew up in Oakland and was incorrectly profiled by the ctOS 2.0. As reported by IGN, the new character is faster on his feet than Aiden, and comes with the zeal of an experienced fighter.

Watch Dogs 2 Release Date: November 15th, 2016

The title will allow gamers to assume a stealthy approach or walk-in guns ablaze, whichever helps them complete their missions faster and with more precision.

Ubisoft will share more details on Watch Dogs 2 during the E3 2016 event which is slated to take place between June 14th and 16th 2016. Ubisoft is also expected to hold a separate press conference for the unveiling of Watch Dogs 2 on June 13th at 1p.m., a day prior to the E3 2016.

When Ubisoft released its financial report for the year, they said that the next installment of Watch Dogs would release between 2016 and 2017. This meant that we could expect to see Watch Dogs 2 anything before the 31st of March 2016. We guess it’s about to happen much earlier.

The official trailer released by Ubisoft can be viewed below.

The trailer features the new setting opening up with Golden Gate bridge and takes you through some of what you can expect from the new and immersive surroundings in San Francisco.

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