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WareIQ launches Shipment Tracking Platform to offer buyers real-time tracking feature

WareIQ that has come to be known for its fulfillment network that spans the whole of India has announced the launch of a Shipment Tracking Platform for D2C brands. The company offers its fulfillment network to online brands so that they are able to make next-day deliveries to their customers. Now with the launch of the Shipment Tracking Platform, customers will have the best possible post-purchase experience as they will get to know in real-time how far their cherished purchases are from them.

WareIQ said different brands will be able to customize the branded tracking feature to offer services unique to them. The brands will be able to create their own tracking links that they can use to create a channel for driving profit. This will be via the creation of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities while driving repeat customers as well as educating them as well.

Sellers will have the option to integrate the customized tracking links in their own websites so that buyers are able to track their shipments easily. Also, it is just a few clicks that will let the sellers create their customized links, which makes the entire process extremely simple and convenient.

What is also important for the sellers is that they can customize the tracking pages with their own branding which lets them engage with their customers in a better way. For instance, they can insert a link on the tracking page that can let the customers be redirected to the seller’s page again.

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